Recreation, Cultural Affairs and Senior Services

The Department of Recreation, Cultural Affairs and Senior Services provides a holistic approach to providing services of high quality programs offering a mix of academic support, community development, arts & craft, sports, and a host of other structured activities that will engage our residents.

Centers of Hope

Centers of Hope are community based centers that allow residents access to the City of Newark services such as wellness and enrichment opportunities. The centers offer a variety of arts &                                           culture, educational resources, healthy living, recreational & athletic programs.

There are five pillars for the Centers of Hope:

  • Healthy Living
  • Technology
  • Community Engagement
  • Arts & Culture
  • Education

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Cultural Affairs

The Division of Cultural Affairs is the catalyst for participation, education and development of excellence in the vibrant arts within the City of Newark. This division is responsible for providing world-class services and organizational support to existing and evolving art institutions.

Newark Watershed

The Newark Watershed is one of our city's greatest recreational offerings. Surrounded by large reservoirs and beautiful streams, people of all ages can enjoy many outdoor activities such as: boating, camping (including Summer camps), fishing, hiking, horseback riding, and much                                                         more!!!

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The Division of Recreation  enriches and inspires the community by delivering a world class park system while facilitating a healthy and happy quality of life. We offer a variety of afterschool programs across the city for youth, active adults programs, fitness classes, day programs and                                           much more!!!

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Senior Services

The Division of Senior services celebrate the many ways in which older adults makes a difference in our community. Our five Senior Centers reflects the cultural diversity of the city and providing services in health, fitness, education and recreation.

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SuNup (Summer Nutrition Program) is a nutritional feeding program for children. During the summer months, City of Newark collaborates with local non-profit organizations, providing nutritional based breakfast and lunch.

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Residential Concerns and Issues

In the winter months minor problems or inconveniences can become life threatening. Please be aware of the dangers and take actions to ensure your safety. Many issues can all be reported to the 4311 system who will report to the department of Neighborhood and Recreational Services to ensure that the proper actions are taken. Some examples are: Lack of heat and/or hot water burst pipes and sewage no running water if a building needs to be boarded and secured or an illegal housing conversion.

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