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We are delighted for you to consider filming in our great city-a city one hundred years older than the nation itself with historic architecture, greenscapes, art deco skyscrapers, and many other wonderful locations.

So you want to Film in Newark, here’s what you’ll need…


Letter of Intent:

Submit a very detailed Letter of Intent to the Director of Communications, Sondra D. Roberts and copy Desiree Hadley.



You must also submit your production company’s COVID-19 guidelines.


Include in your LOI:

  • Scene description: If your scene involves stunts, prop weapons, pyrotechnics or any of the sort this is to be included in your LOI.
  • Describe your intended scene in detail.
  • Exterior or Interior.
  • Street or parking sign coverage or removal must be requested.
  • Include your parking plan and maps indicating your base camp locations, intended street closures, generator parking.
  • Street closure requests.
  • ITC requests.
  • Include a detailed schedule as the final page of your LOI. This schedule should include days, times, preparation days, filming days and wrap days. All times, days, and locations must be included into your schedule.
  • Any changes to your filming schedule. would require you to update the LOI and resubmit. All documents must coincide.

You must submit your production company’s COVID-19 guidelines.


If you plan to use pyrotechnics, you must contact Zarifa Wilson from the Newark Fire Department. You are required to have a permit from the Newark Fire Department.

  • Email:
  • Phone: 973-733-7496

Prop Weapons:

If you plan to use prop weapons and/or fake gunfire, you must submit your LOI with scene description to Lt. Gonzalez from the Newark Police Division.


Insurance Requirements:

  • All productions require proof of insurance coverage.
  • Every production is required to submit an additional insured endorsement document along with COI. You must list the City of Newark as the additional insured party.
  • All productions require a filming agreement between the production company and the City of Newark. All agreements are created by the City of Newark’s Department of Law.  


  • When scouting a city municipal building/and or city owned property a Newark Office of Film+Television (NOFTV) representative along with Lt. Gonzalez of NPD must be notified and must accompany the location manager on their scout.
  • When scouting any city owned property including sidewalks, alleyways, etc. you must notify the NOFTV.
  • If using private property, a letter from the owner giving permission must be submitted along with your application. (a permit is still required on private property)
  • If you plan to use a park, you must fill out a Special Events application.
  • When using a county owned park you must reach out to Essex County for permission.
  • Once your locations are established, a meeting is set up between the production company, Lt. Gonzalez, NOFTV, and any other necessary parties via Zoom or in-person.


  • For metered parking, you must contact the Newark Parking Authority. Jenean Shiggs and Joaquin Ayerbe of the NPA must be notified about your intended use of parking metered spaces.
  • Email: or
  • Phone: 973-623-6334
  • NPA Address: 47-63 Green Street Newark, NJ 07102
  • If you plan to utilize street parking for vehicles/trucks/campers, you must contact Lt. Gonzalez of the Newark Police Division.
  • Email:

Best practices for the community:

  • Be mindful of the residents and small businesses when choosing a parking plan for your production.
  • Minimize your footprint in the neighborhood as much as possible. An example of this can be utilizing a local parking lot for vehicles, campers, and large trucks.
  • Businesses, merchants or residents must be notified of scheduled productions at least 3 days prior to the filming date with a written letter (a copy of this letter is to be submitted along with your application).
  • Negotiations are expected to be made between the production companies and businesses that are interrupted during your filming date/dates.

Street Closures:

  • If you would like to request a street closure, you must fill out a Special Events application. This application is to be submitted along with your filming permit application.
  • Signatures from 51% of the head of households/businesses/occupants on the street you wish to close must be obtained in order to grant a street closing. These signatures must be included on the Special Events application pages 6&7.
  • All street closures must be submitted at least 20 days before the intended filming date.
  • Melvin Waldrop of the Special Events office must be copied on your email submittal. Email:

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