Public Safety

Newark Mayor Ras J. Baraka had a vision to consolidate the Police, Fire, Office of Emergency Management and Homeland Security under the newly created Department of Public Safety. The merger enhances public safety by reducing costs and making the operations of police, fire and OEM more efficient and effective. Mayor Baraka selected Director Anthony F. Ambrose to head the department in January of 2016.

The divisions are now known as the Police Division, Fire Division, and the Office of Emergency Management and Homeland Security. The consolidation has also resulted in the creation of a Communications Division. The operating budget for the Department of Public Safety is in excess of $200 million a year and staffs more than 1,900 employees, with more than 990 sworn Police Officers and over 630 sworn firefighters.

The Police Division is entrusted to protect and serve the citizens of the City of Newark by securing neighborhoods, business districts, municipal assets and life, liberty and property. The Police Division currently responds to more than 520, 000 calls for service yearly.

The Fire Division is also tasked with protecting the lives and property of the citizens of the City of Newark. They accomplish this by fighting fires and responding to sudden medical emergencies and exposure to dangerous conditions whether natural or man-made. Each year, the Fire Division responds to over 16,720 calls for service.

The Division of Emergency Management and Homeland Security (OEM) is responsible for coordinating training, preparedness and response to man-made and natural disasters. These events include blizzards, hurricanes, extreme heat, acts of terrorism and special events. The Division of OEM works with its public and private partners to accomplish this goal.

The Communications Division unifies 911 calls and responses, as well as internal operational communication between the Police, Fire Divisions and OEM when necessary. The 911-call center handles approximately 960,000 emergency and non-emergency calls per year

Alcoholic Beverage Control Unit

Alcohol Beverage  Control  (A.B.C.)  -  Alcohol Beverage Control  investigates  all related violations reported through the division or by the public. Furthermore, Alcohol Beverage Control performs investigative work to ensure that businesses or individuals, who sell/distribute alcohol, are licensed and in compliance with the law

Fire Division

The Newark Fire Division currently operates nineteen engine companies, twelve ladder companies, and two rescue companies out of nineteen firehouses, located throughout the city. These nineteen firehouses are organized into six battalions, under the command of a tour commander (Deputy Chief) per shift. There is also an on-duty special operations battalion chief, as well as a safety battalion chief. In addition to the nineteen firehouses, the NFD also operates a special operations facility at 191 Orange St., which houses the Haz-Mat. Support Unit, the Haz-Mat. Mobile Lab, the Medical Ambulance Bus, the Air Cascade Unit, the Mobile Command Unit, the USAR Collapse Rescue Shoring Unit, the Special Operations Quick Response Attack Vehicle(QRV 1), the Marine Unit, and several other specialized units. The NFD also operates a Special Services Division at 56 Prospect St.

Police Division

The Police Division is entrusted to protect and serve the residents of the City of Newark by securing neighborhoods, business districts and municipal assets. The Police Division not only combats crime and maintains order, but strengthens substantive relationships with residents, neighborhoods and business organizations.

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