Office of the City Clerk

The purpose of the City Clerk as mandated by New Jersey State law and local ordinance, is to provide complete administrative support to the Municipal Council, including budget and legislative research,  maintenance and access of official city records, and performance of other administrative functions such as certain licensing requirements. The Office of the City Clerk also is responsible for the conduct of municipal elections and carries out the ministerial and statutory requirements for primary and general elections.

The Municipal Code for the City of Newark can be found HERE.

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·       Mayor’s Executive Orders

·       How to Vote(English)/(Espanol) 

Administrative Services

Administrative Services prepares the agenda and all support documents required to conduct the public meetings and/or conferences of the Municipal Council; records and maintains an audio record of all public meetings of the Municipal Council; provides public notice of all the meetings of the Municipal Council; and compiles the minutes for the Municipal Council public meetings.

Archives and Records Management Center (ARMC)

Archives and Records Management Center (ARMC) is the central depository for archival, historical, permanent, and inactive city records. Its dedicated staff of four have been aggressively organizing a citywide records management program designed to provide high-quality, cost-effective storage,retrieval, and servicing of city records for all city departments.

Legislative Services

Legislative Services is responsible for researching and drafting legislation; reviewing proposed legislation submitted to the Municipal Council by the administration examining and reviewing the annual city budget and budget hearing process for the Municipal Council; preparing all correspondence related to the meetings of the Municipal Council and providing staff support for Municipal Council committees and research for issues of national and statewide concern for the council.

Marriage Bureau

Marriage Bureau issues licenses for Marriage/Civil Unions, Bingo and Raffle Games; maintains a Registry of one and two family property within the city;Registers new voters; and is responsible for the distribution and sales of Ward Maps.

Marriage Bureau Office Hours: Monday-Friday 8:30am -4:00pm. 

Marriage Applications/Licenses by appointment only.

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Open Public Records Act (OPRA) Office

Open Public Records Act (OPRA) Office,  was formed by new legislation in July 2002 to facilitate access to statutorily defined public records for members of the general public in a timely, accurate, efficient, and courteous manner. The OPRA Office has a dedicated staff consisting of four   employees responsible for processing OPRA requests and serves as a liaison between members of the public and all city departments as it relates to OPRA requests.

Records Management

Records Management maintains and manages all official city documents for the most current three years; certifies and distributes adopted ordinances and resolutions; oversees and executes municipal contracts; and codifies, binds, and distributes the city’s ordinances.

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