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    * NOTICE *Newark Municipal Court Virtual Court Sessions Now Available!!

The City of Newark Municipal Court will be providing virtual court sessions via Zoom. Look up your case information here

Please click here and complete the form to request a court date via Zoom.  The court will review your request and schedule your matter for a virtual session.  You will receive an email confirmation and/or mailed notice with instructions on how to participate.  In person sessions have been suspended since March 2020.

If you are scheduled for a Virtual Court session, click here for your Zoom Meeting ID and links. The scheduled time on your notice will indicate which session you need to attend.

* Notice to Attorneys - You may complete the same form to request a virtual court date for your client.Please inform your client that he/she does not need to complete the form if you have done so already.  Please send letters of representation to

To ensure that you are advised and informed of your rights in municipal court, you must watch the New Jersey Municipal Court Opening statement prior to your virtual court appearance. You can watch a video of the New Jersey Municipal Court Opening Statement by clicking this link New Jersey Municipal Court Opening Statement

Attending Municipal Court Remotely: What to Do and What to Expect

Newark Municipal Court Zoom Meeting ID's

Newark Municipal Court has resumed Video Court Sessions (Zoom) Monday – Friday.

If you have received a notice in the mail with a date and time and need a Meeting ID

number, reference this list.

Part 1 (10:01am + 12:01pm + 4:31pm)

Meeting ID: 429 962 3141

Part 2 (10:02am + 12:02pm)

Meeting ID: 763 424 9828

Part 20 (10am + 12pm)

Meeting ID: 378 975 6654

Part 3 (10:03am + 12:03pm + 4:33pm)

Meeting ID: 861 945 8086

Part 5 (10:05am + 12:05pm)

Meeting ID: 808 199 2166

Part 6 (10:06am + 12:06pm + 4:36pm)

Meeting ID: 342 832 1957

9:30am/10:30/11:30 with a courtroom of VH12

Meeting ID: 604 434 2304

9:31am/10:31/11:31 with a courtroom of VH11

Meeting ID: 582 632 0977

Other ways to resolve your Traffic Matters:

* NEW Online Municipal Case Resolution:

This new method allows for you to resolve your matter without the need of a virtual hearing by disputing specific moving violations online via  Check here to see if your ticket is eligible. If eligible, you will need to visit and enter your ticket information as if you would be making a payment.  It will bring you to a second page where you will see 2 options; 'Make a Payment' or 'Dispute Case'.  Select 'Dispute Case' to begin the review process.  This option allows you to directly communicate with the Prosecutor.  All communication will be sent via email.

You may also elect to resolve your matter without the need of a virtual hearing by completing the enclosed Plea by Mail form .  You may complete the Plea by Mail form and plead either guilty or not guilty.  As part of your submission, you are permitted to provide supporting documents, for example a receipt for paid parking.  The Court will review your Plea By Mail form, along with all supporting documents and provide a response.  

If you are interested in resolving your municipal court matter prior to your court appearance you are free to reach out to the municipal prosecutor to negotiate an acceptable resolution of your matter. 

If you do not know your Ticket Number/Municipal Complaint or need to look up your tickets/cases please click here for the Municipal Court Case Search website

To request court records or a disposition letter, please complete this form. Due to COVID, we are currently only responding to requests via standard mail or email.  Please identify how you would like to receive your document(s) on the request form.


The Newark Municipal Court has six courtrooms.  Court sessions take place five days a week.  Morning sessions are scheduled at 8:30am and 11:30am, afternoon sessions begin at 4:00pm.

1)    Courtroom 101 hears moving and parking violations five days a week in the morning and afternoon sessions.

2)    Courtroom 103 is the court for City Ordinance cases.  Housing matters are heard in this courtroom along with fare evasion and burglar alarm tickets.  School attendance cases are also held in this court on Tuesdays.   This courtroom also is our conflict court.  A visiting judge and visiting municipal prosecutor sit in this court every other Monday to hear all matters with City of Newark employees as defendants.  

3)    Courtroom 108 hears only moving and parking violations in both the morning and afternoon sessions.  DWI matters are scheduled here on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.

4)    Courtroom 202 hears criminal matters five days a week for morning sessions.  Afternoon sessions in this court include criminal matters via video conference from the Essex County jail in addition to in person defendants. Mediation is also offered in this courtroom.

5)    Courtroom 222 is the arraignment court.  Defendants are heard in this court either in person or via video conferencing from the Essex County jail in order to be arraigned on charges brought against them.

6)    Courtroom A301 is another criminal court.  Domestic violence cases are heard in this courtroom on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Customer Service

The Customer Service Division is comprised of the Court’s Call Center, Correspondence Unit, and Customer Service Room 105.

•    The Call Center handles up to 1,000 calls per day.  The Court strives to reduce wait time to better serve customers.  To achieve this, the Court has added several prompts with general information so that many questions can be answered without the need to speak to a live representative.  The Call Center phone service provides information in English and Spanish, as well as 200 other languages.

•    The Correspondence Unit, located in room 305, tracks, monitors and responds to the thousands of pieces of correspondence received each month.

•    The Customer Service Window is located in room 105.  Staff answers general questions and schedules court when necessary.  **DURING COVID this unit is currently closed.


 The Criminal Customer Service window located in room 207 is open five days a week from 8:30am to 3:45pm.  Staff can answer general questions and accept for filing citizen complaints and make probable cause determination over these complaints. **DURING COVID this unit is currently closed.

The Violations Bureau- Payment Window

Payment Window and Bail Posting is open Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 7:00pm, and Saturdays from 9am to 12pm. **DURING COVID our hours are currently 9:00am to 2:30pm, Monday through Friday.  Payments can be made online at

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Pay Your Ticket Online

To pay your ticket online, you will need your license plate number, summons number including the prefix and the Newark Municipal Court Code- 0714. At this time, only parking and moving violations are payable online.

Estimated Time to Complete:
Supplements Required:
  • Your license plate number 
  • Summons number including the prefix 
  • The Newark Municipal Court Code- 0714
  • Visa or Mastercard
Costs Associated:

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