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Public Defender

The Newark Municipal Public Defender’s Office is located at 31 Green Street, Room 312

Newark, NJ 07102

Ph.: 973-733-3848

Fax: 973-733-3899


The Newark Public Defender’s Office represents indigent individuals charged in municipal court with offenses that if convicted there is the possibility of imprisonment or other consequences of magnitude.  

To qualify for representation by the public defender’s office the municipal court will determine if the defendant meets the income guidelines.  The court shall have the defendant submit a financial questionnaire to determine if you are qualified for a public defender. The Judge can also approve the defendant’s application for the public defender.  Once approved by the court for representation by the public defender’s office, please contact our office to make an appointment by email or phone to complete the process. You will be required complete a client intake form and right of appeals for your application process to be completed.    

If you or your relative are in immigration custody, please reach out to for assistance. All incarcerated individuals, including people in immigration detention, are entitled to representation by the municipal public defender during the time which they are detained, without the need for a separate ability-to-pay hearing, until or unless they are released.  You will be provided with the contact information for the municipal public defender upon request.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact our office.  

Chief Public Defender  

Rachel Y. Marshall


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