March 2, 2018

City Begins Property Tax Amnesty Program

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The Mayor and Municipal Council is offering an “Amnesty Program” in their effort to assist property owners in the City of Newark that are delinquent in their 2017 or prior years property taxes. This offer will allow the Municipal Tax Collector to waive interest only commencing:

March 1, 2018 thru May 30, 2018 ONLY!

It is the hope of the Mayor and Municipal Council that this short amnesty period will enable those in need to make the required tax payments and avoid further collection enforcement activity and the possibility of having a lien or foreclosure commenced against their property.

This offer of “Amnesty” pertains to property taxes ONLY, and is Exclusive of:

-  Penalties or Fees assessed

-  Delinquent Tax Abatement Accounts

-  Any interest due on third party liens, purchased or assigned

-  Any/All properties acquired, transferred, purchased or negotiated through any Federal, Civil, Municipal, Superior or State Court

-  Any/All adjudicated or pending State or County Board Tax Appeals

-  Litigation of any kind with the City of Newark, which has prohibited the collection of the outstanding debt

-  Any property that is under the protection of the U.S. Bankruptcy Court

After the Amnesty period expires, interest will be assessed without regard to this offer, and will be assessed from the original Statutory due date to the date of payment.  Payments shall be for the Total Delinquent Outstanding Amount due, inclusive of all delinquent years and quarters in order to receive benefit of the “Amnesty”, but inclusive of any 2018 delinquent charges, penalties, or Fees assessed.

Payments will be accepted as follows ONLY!                 

Certified Bank Funds


Credit or Debit Cards 

Bank Money Orders

Once this offer ends, it will not be extended or amended

For more information, please contact the Tax Collector’s Office, Monday thru Friday 9am to 3:30pm

-  Customer Service (973) 733-3791, 3961,3962, 3792, 3960

-  Tax Lien Unit (973) 733-3967, 6338, 3980

Download the PDF here