October 26, 2022


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Newark, NJ-October 26, 2022—Mayor Ras J. Baraka and Department of Water and Sewer Utilities Director Kareem Adeem today announced the creation of a new website that will provide real-time information on news pertaining to the City’s water, sewer, and storm drain systems. It will also allow residents to pay and track their bills, file for permits, and easily find contact information for the department, including general inquiries, new water connections, billing, and the emergency number.

There will also be a section for contractors to submit bids for water and sewer-related infrastructure projects and repairs, and a list of ongoing work, naming the contractor and cost.

“It is vital we remain transparent in our bid process and costs to upgrade our infrastructure and water processing,” Mayor Baraka said. “Residents have a right to know how their water rates and tax dollars are being spent. This newly-created website will ensure that everyone who lives and works in Newark will have 24/7 access to our Water and Sewer Utilities Department information.”

The website can be found at

Director Adeem said the new website will help residents and media better understand the massive amount of work constantly going on to keep Newark’s water flowing, its sewers draining, and storm water moving.

“Right now, people can go to the website and follow the progress of our on-going projects, and see what projects we have on deck in the short term and long term,” Director Adeem said. “The City has spent about $220 million on water and sewer improvements during Mayor Baraka’s administration, not including the $190 million lead line replacement. It’s clear the Mayor has made this utility a priority for the health, safety, and life quality of our residents.”

On the homepage of the website, there will be a news ticker that will give real-time updates on water emergencies and flooding.

“This will be one of the 24-hour services we provide,” Director Adeem added, “so we don’t have to rely on outside media in case of water-related emergencies.”


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