April 23, 2020

Newark Public Schools’ Superintendent León praises food service ‘frontline workers’ who have distributed over 100,000 meals to students

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There is a group of frontline workers in the City who have provided a service as vital as any other. They are the food service workers of the Newark Public Schools who have distributed over 100,000 meals to children during the COVID-19 crisis.

Led by Executive Director of Food Services Tonya McGill, about 200 workers have shown up day-in and day-out, to make sure thousands of kids who rely on school breakfasts and lunches for daily nutrition remain fed while schools remain closed.

“These food service workers deserve lots of love,” said NPS Superintendent Roger León. “They have been absolutely incredible in guaranteeing all students in the City have proper, daily nutrition.”

Superintendent León said the workers were also instrumental in “modeling” COVID-19 precautions, by wearing masks, gloves, and practicing social distancing.

“They were showing the students what the expectations were for maintaining safe practices,” Superintendent León said.

Since the closure of schools on March 16, food service workers have prepared, packaged and distributed “grab and go” meals like cereal, milk and fruit for breakfast and sandwiches and healthy snacks for lunch.

Superintended León also credited the school nurses for making sure the food service workers, custodial workers and security force showed no symptoms of COVID-19 every day.

“We had a school nurse at every site,” he said. “They took temperatures and made sure everyone had protective equipment.”

The superintendent called all the on-site school employees the “root of the chain of command. They are what is holding us up right now, shouldering the burden of this crisis.”

The Breakfast and Lunch Program is available for all students at designated schools from Monday to Friday between the hours of 9:30 am - 11:30 am.

Student can pick up food at any NPS site nearest to their home.

All locations are listed below.

Central Ward Locations

Central High School

246 18th Avenue

Newark, NJ 07108

Dr. E. Alma Flagg

150 3rd Street

Newark, NJ 07107

Quitman Street School

21 Quitman Street

Newark, NJ 07103

East Ward Locations

East Side High School

238 Van Buren Street

Newark, NJ 07105

Hawkins Street School

8 Hawkins Street

Newark, NJ 07105

South Street School

44 Hermon Street

Newark, NJ 07105

North Ward Locations

First Avenue School

214 First Avenue

Newark, NJ 07107

McKinley Elementary School

1 Colonnade Place

Newark, NJ 07104

Park Elementary School

120 Manchester Place

Newark, NJ 07104

Rafael Hernandez Elementary School

345 Broadway

Newark, NJ 07104

South Ward Locations

Belmont Runyon School

1 Belmont Runyon Way

Newark, NJ 07108

George Washington Carver School

333 Clinton Place

Newark, NJ 07112

Weequahic High School

279 Chancellor Avenue

Newark, NJ 07112

West Ward Locations

Mount Vernon School

142 Mount Vernon Place

Newark, NJ 07106

Speedway Avenue

701 South Orange Avenue

Newark, NJ 07106

Thirteenth Avenue School

359 13th Avenue

Newark, NJ 07103