August 28, 2018


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Mayor Ras J. Baraka today began the process of planning for medical marijuana dispensaries in Newark. His administration proposed an ordinance to the Municipal Council amending the zoning and land use regulation plan in order to authorize the location of cannabis dispensaries only in specific areas. The Council referred the draft ordinance to the Planning Board for review.

“I support the expansion of the state’s medical cannabis program to Newark. We believe that medical marijuana dispensaries promote the health and welfare of cannabis patients. During a series of town hall meetings and discussions, residents and stakeholders gave us significant feedback on their issues and concerns. We fully support access to medical cannabis for current and potential patients,” the mayor said.

“We are updating our planning and zoning ordinances to reflect our desire to create areas where medical cannabis activities may take place. These have been identified as ‘Green Zones.’ Dispensaries will be permitted in close proximity to other medical facilities and in light industrial areas. This ordinance will reduce the burden on Newark residents who use medical marijuana and must now travel miles to secure that treatment.”

Under the zoning and land use amendments, Medical Marijuana Dispensaries are permitted in Institutional (Hospital) Zones and I-1 Light Industrial Zones. Cultivation, manufacturing and compliance (testing facilities) are permitted in Industrial Districts (I-1, I-2 & I-3).  

Although the NJ Compassionate Use Medical Marijuana Act does not have any buffer requirements for medical use, the proposed ordinance requires a 200-foot buffer from schools, colleges, and parks.


Read Proposed Ordinance on Medical Marijuana Facilities in Newark