June 25, 2018


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The City of Newark announced today that it will launch the second year of its temporary cold weather shelter initiative on November 1. The shelter is expected to remain open throughout winter season. The City will issue an RFP in the coming weeks for an organization to manage and operate the shelter.

Dr. Mark Wade, Director, Newark Department of Health and Community Wellness (NDHCW) said, "This was the first time that the City of Newark opened its own temporary emergency shelter operating continuously throughout the frigid winter. This was a critical effort to support those in need and save lives.

“Through the City of Newark’s sheltering initiative, Homeless Emergency Living Partnership (HELP), located at 224 Sussex Avenue in Newark, the City provided shelter services for a total of 290 chronically homeless individuals in 2017-2018.

"The City plans to launch our second year of this initiative for the 2018-2019 cold weather season. The City of Newark will issue a request for proposals (RFP) to provide a shelter facility with up to 250 beds available for overnight emergency housing.  The RFP will include a request for 24 hours/day, 7 days/week operation from 11/1/2018 through 3/31/2019. Advertisement for these anticipated shelter services will be posted on the City of Newark website (, and in local newspapers.

"In addition, the City is partnering with the Newark Housing Authority to identify new housing opportunities for the homeless including supporting the Housing Authority's funding application to HUD to provide permanent supportive housing vouchers for the unsheltered.  This application is for awards ranging from $75,000 to $5,000,000 for one year. 

"Among those served by the HELP shelter this year were those with severe mental illness, substance abuse problems, physical disabilities, underage youth, persons without income or jobs and LGBTQ homeless persons.

"The 2017-2018 shelter program provided a wide range of supportive services including:

-   Case Management (connections and referrals to medical, mental health, substance abuse, and transitional and/or permanent housing)
-   Referral Services (Municipal I. D’s, Rutgers Behavioral Health, Essex County Mental Health Assoc., Project LIVE, Integrity Inc., and vital statistic documents)
-   The NDHCW Mobile Medical Van provided primary medical care, rapid HIV testing, blood pressure screenings, and referrals for other healthcare services
-   Employment and job opportunities (24 individuals from the shelter received jobs with the Mayor's 100 day Clean Up program, with 10 of these obtaining permanent housing)
-   Permanent housing placement for three veterans
-   Eighteen persons placed into permanent and supportive housing
-   Two persons transitioned into the HOPWA program

"The City will seek to provide similar supportive services in the 2018-2019 shelter. As previously announced, the temporary shelter located at 224 Sussex Avenue will close Saturday, June 30, 2018."