September 24, 2020


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“The staunch reality of Breonna Taylor, a young 26-year-old black woman, being murdered by use of deadly force by those that were sworn to protect her is only a mirrored version of our Country’s systemic failure to provide justice to those that need it most.

“At this critical time, transparency and accountability is what we must fight for as well as the end to the brazen and callous mass murders of people of color. We need real police reform that includes the abolishment of qualified immunity for once and for all. I write today to seek that New Jersey make history and establish smart policies that protect all New Jersey residents. We need the following immediately: We must pass Assemblywoman Angela McKnight’s Civilian Complaint Review Board (CCRB) Legislation immediately (A4656/S2963). If passed, this bold statewide CCRB legislation will provide much needed transparency and accountability. We must also establish a Police and Fire Residency Requirement for Communities (A3386/S685). When we look at our police demographics, those that police communities should reflect the citizens they were sworn to protect. Public servants who live in the communities where they work further contribute to the local tax base, help share useful information to residents and most importantly represent community interests.

“Our lives are becoming more and more steeped in tragedy with the next generation watching to learn what is acceptable and what we are willing to change. We must decide to do what is right, right now!”