February 23, 2018

Mayor Baraka Proposes Strengthening City Policy on Sexual Harassment

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Mayor Baraka is working to strengthen an ordinance on sexual harassment now pending before the City Council. The original proposal sponsored by Councilwoman Gayle Chaneyfield Jenkins protects only the approximately 3100 city employees from sexual harassment by other employees. Mayor Baraka will present a stronger version that protects all 280,000 Newark residents from sexual harassment by a municipal employee while they are obtaining a service from or doing business with the City of Newark.

Mayor Baraka said, “Everyone, not just City employees, deserves protection against sexual harassment and deserves to know that their complaints will be fully investigated and that those committing sexual harassment will be held accountable for any inappropriate actions. This is a common-sense policy that deserves support from all of our leaders.”

The ordinance pending in the Council would create a Sexual Harassment Task Force to investigate claims of sexual harassment by city employees and contractors against other City employees. Mayor Baraka’s proposal would additionally have the Task Force investigate claims by any resident and would also mandate that all Task Force members receive training in confidentially, ethics and sexual harassment.