September 14, 2017

Mayor Baraka, Newark Community Economic Development Corporation, and Entrepreneur Laura Mashtaler Cut Ribbon to Open Black Swan

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Mayor Ras J. Baraka, the Newark Municipal Council Member, Newark Community Economic Development Corporation President and CEO Aisha Glover, and Black Swan Espresso Owner Laura Mashtaler cut the ribbon to open Black Swan Espresso this morning, at 93 Halsey Street, in Newark’s downtown.

The new specialty coffee bar will focus on serving quality coffee using medium roast beans to explore unique characteristics of the flavor, grinding coffee “by hand” instead of through automatic espresso machines. With its line of signature coffees, teas, and snacks, it will cater to the downtown Newark business and college market.


“We have made great efforts to enhance Halsey Street as a center for dining, shopping, and snacking, and the opening of Black Swan Espresso is another step forward in creating more jobs and economic opportunities for residents and add to our economic strength and diversity. Black Swan Espresso will provide its customers with stronger and more powerful blends of coffee and strengthen our city as a whole. I commend the Black Swan team on bringing this shop to reality,” Mayor Baraka said.


The company was founded in May 2016 by Laura Mashtaler, a writer and business analyst who lives with her husband in New Jersey. Her drive to create Black Swan Espresso came from how it would take her 10 minutes to describe to coffee shop staff in New York how to make a cortado. The Newark location was chosen because of its proximity to college campuses, business centers, and public transportation.


Black Swan Espresso is named for a species of rare black swans, “Cygnus atratus,” thought to be nonexistent. The restaurant grinds its coffee “by hand” instead of using automatic espresso machines, and highlights single origin beans and blends from award-winning roasters like Propeller Coffee in Canada, and leading coffee-growing regions like Central America, Africa, and South America. It will also serve an array of homemade pastries and snacks, some of which will be sourced from local vendors.


“Black Swan Espresso is happy to serve the Newark community specialty coffee from award winning roasters and curated teas all week, plus serious donuts from Dough in NYC and pastries from Balthazar,” Ms. Mashtaler said. “On the weekend Black Swan Espresso provides a relaxing environment to bring family and friends. A great place for students to study. We are glad to be in Newark.”


“We are so proud to see more women business owners like Laura, who are dedicated and excited to join the city,” said Ms. Glover. “Cafes play an important role in downtown and neighborhood development as they serve as a catalyst of pedestrian activity and more importantly cater to the needs for our residents and visitors.”