March 28, 2020


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• Special COVID-19 live update today. Although the updates are ordinarily Monday through Friday, we’re living in unordinary times so Mayor Baraka had some emergency information to share.

• Another person has passed away in Newark from Coronavirus – and possibly one more.

• Condolences to the families in our community who are grieving because of this disease.

• Newark now has more than 200 cases in our city and a total of four who have died.

• To receive daily Coronavirus updates to your cell phone, text COVID to 511511 to opt-in so that text messages can be sent to you.  

• Every state in the United States from Hawaii to Puerto Rico, to Maine, to Mississippi has some form of a shelter in place order. Either the cities, the counties, or entire states have a shelter in place order. This is not unique to New Jersey.

• On Monday, things will become more restrictive in Newark. Listen to the update on Facebook live.

• The other day, New Jersey was declared a major disaster area. Our state has more cases of Coronavirus than Illinois. Cases are growing exponentially. Essex County has the second most cases in the entire state; Newark NJ has the highest numbers in Essex County; and New Jersey has the second most cases in the entire country.

• PLEASE STAY HOME. COVID-19 does not discriminate and we don’t want it to attack our community any more than what it has.

• Mayor Baraka knows that some people are scared. The best way to protect yourself is to stay in the house- shelter in place; wipe down surfaces; wipe down elevator buttons and door knobs; wear gloves and throw them away; wash your hands continuously; if you’re sick wear a mask or cough and sneeze into elbow; if you don't have to come outside then stay inside.

• He tell us that this is not a normal time. This is not a movie- this is 100 percent real. This is the time we need everyone to be a community. Look out for your neighbors today; pay attention today; care for each other today; follow orders and instructions today. This is not the time to be rebellious against parents nor police. This is not the time for playing dice and crowding in the street. This is the time to transform.

• On Wednesday, March 31 there will be a city-wide day of fasting and prayer coordinated by Rev. Rountree. We need passion, will, higher thinking, higher living, and our best selves.

• The City is continuously delivering food through the food relief program, please be patient and keep calling.

• If you are feeling sick, call the Eliza Mahoney Health Center – or call your own doctor to get instructions on what to do. Try to get yourself tested if you can. In the meantime, stay home.

• Stay safe, stay healthy, take care of your family. God bless you all.