March 23, 2020


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• Updates will air daily Monday to Friday here on Facebook live and then afterwards you and your family can also watch on Newark TV (Channel 78 on Altice and Channel 28 on FIOS to get a repeat of this information).

• Thank you to everyone for taking the need to shelter-in-place seriously. Together is the only way that we’re going to #flattenthecurve or stop the rapid spread of this virus.

• As of today, in Newark we have 66 confirmed Coronavirus cases and no additional deaths beyond the 2 thank God; Essex County has 273 confirmed cases; NJ has 2844 confirmed cases.

• Social distancing and curfews are incredibly important to follow.

• There have been questions about why we only have greater restrictions in the three areas and not throughout the entire city. Please note:

    o The entire city is under the executive order of Gov. Murphy, which says only essential employees can come out to go to work; all others must remain home and asked the entire state to shelter-in-place.

     o We have identified three areas where we believe there are significant clusters that we need to make sure that they do not continue to grow.

     o In those areas, you can only come outside for emergency purposes only --  ran out of food, medicine, doctor, should not be visiting relatives, or walking your dog, or going to the park.

     o Nowhere in the city should people be congregating in groups of 5 or more. We should be less than five wherever we are.

     o Stores that are letting in an abundance of people will be closed. Please adhere to social distancing.

     o The dangerous thing is that many people believe that they can’t catch Coronavirus. Everybody of all ages can contract the virus. Data shows that those with compromised immune systems and the elderly, the outcome can be more fatal.

     o We will reassess the guidelines as the data comes in and if we end up needing to expand the restrictions to more areas of the city we will do that and let everyone know.

     o Gov. Cuomo did the same thing in New York State with Westchester County to help stop the spread.

• Update on our plan to help our Residents Without Addresses (homeless population):

     o Our Health Department and partners have developed a plan for how to engage our Residents Without Addresses who are on the street, to get them into sheltering or to a healthcare provider if needed.

     o We also developed guidelines for shelter providers on how to manage our sheltered Residents Without Addresses during this time.

     o Additionally, we have secured quarantined sites for them if the need arise. We are working diligently and will put out a more public, transparent plan shortly.

• This Friday will we have a phone call for small businesses in the city that have been affected by the Coronavirus, that have been mandated  noto close, that have lost revenue, to connect you with City, State, and Federal funding.

• We are testing at the FQHC. However, you cannot walk-in and need to call first. We do not have an unlimited amount of tests so there are protocols that you must follow: 1) contact healthcare provider, 2) have to have your symptoms assessed, and 3) you will be given further direction on whether to come in for testing or to stay home. We do not want to inundate and overwhelm our institutions that are trying to service the people who are in desperate care now.

• Message to businesses, corporations, and stores in the city that are still open and still generating revenue now. We need your help if you can. We need masks, gloves, materials, and resources.

• It’s important for everyone to take the time to complete your Census Questionnaire.

     o Please take few minutes and fill out the form online at or over the phone. We need EVERYONE to be counted. Let’s all do our part.  

     o Fill out your Census by phone using the following toll-free numbers:

English: 844-330-2020

Spanish: 844-468-2020

Chinese (Mandarin): 844-391-2020

Chinese (Cantonese): 844-398-2020

Vietnamese: 844-461-2020

Korean: 844-392-2020

Russian: 844-417-2020

Arabic: 844-416-2020

Tagalog: 844-478-2020

Polish: 844-479-2020

French: 844-494-2020

Haitian Creole: 844-477-2020

Portuguese: 844-474-2020

Japanese: 844-460-2020

• Our US Senate and House of Representatives are debating bills now around a stimulus package, so please call your Congressman and Senators to express support for them to  resolve this. We need to pass bills that take care of the people in our community and the small businesses. Call to make sure your voice is heard.

• Mayor Baraka signed a letter along with other mayors in the US Conference of Mayors, asking for billions of dollars to be distributed to cities all over the country to deal with lost wages, unemployment, small businesses, access to finances, and help in our community.

• We will get through this, work together, stay focused, follow the guidelines and rules of the quarantine, help our neighbors out, call each other, be creative.

• Thank you to everybody on social media for helping people and encouraging them during this time:

     o Newark Public Library has a muppet show for kids

     o DJ D-Nice has a party every afternoon where you can get your dance on – so does DJ Lil Man here in Newark playing Jersey club music

     o Businesses delivering food

• Newark is strong. Strong not because we’re invincible; we’re strong because we take care of each other.