May 13, 2020

Key Points from May 13, 2020 Coronavirus (COVID-19) Daily Update

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• As of today, here are our numbers:

o Newark:

6,430 positive cases; yesterday there were 6,380; an increase of 50

511 deaths; yesterday there were 497; 14 new deaths

o Essex County:

15,905 positive cases and 1,482 deaths

o New Jersey:

140,817 positive cases and 9,533 deaths

o There are more than 4 million cases (4,381,177) globally and 294,718 deaths

o In the United States, there are more than 1.4 million COVID-19 positive cases (1,412,440) and 83,644 deaths

o In some of our surrounding cities, which are high considering the size of the population:

 E. Orange- 1,699 cases and 161 deaths

 Irvington- 1,227 cases and 132 deaths

 Orange-  797 cases and 62 deaths

o African-Americans represent 13% of the population but half of all COVID-19 cases in the nation, and over 63% of all of the COVID-19 deaths.

o Confirmed positive cases by zip code:

07102 – 229 cases

07103 – 736 cases

07104 – 1263 cases

07105 – 962 cases

07106 – 664 cases

07107 – 1034 cases

07108 – 534 cases

07112 – 513 cases

07114 – 258 cases

A decline in numbers are much due to people being tested a second time after initially testing positive – which shows people are recovering.

o Deaths by zip code:

07102 – 25 deaths

07103 – 96 deaths

07104 – 105 deaths

07105 – 34 deaths

07106 – 63 deaths

07107 – 60 deaths

07108 – 60 deaths

07112 – 47 deaths

07114 – 21 deaths

• NJ Retail Stores Will Now Have Ability for Curbside Pick-Up

o Today, Gov. Murphy announced an executive order that includes allowing retail stores to have curbside pick-up beginning on May 18.

o Mayor Baraka shared that most Newarkers catch the bus and that it would be difficult to social distance downtown outside of the stores. This could potentially lead to a densely populated area with chaos, so we have to think that through. The setting would be completely different than downtown Livingston, Glen Ridge, Short Hills, etc.

o This information is shared so that everyone can make an educated assessment that is best for everyone and their families.

o Social distancing is working. “…A prescription for everyone is not a prescription for us.” -Mayor Ras J. Baraka

o We are saving lives, so we have to push back on this. We have to follow what’s good for us.

• In an Effort to ReOpen Newark, Mayor Baraka Stated What Would Make Him Comfortable to Open up the City Again:

o A reduction of new positive COVID-19 cases over a two (2) week period

o A reduction in hospitalizations

o Robust COVID-19 testing

o Robust contact tracing

• Mayor Baraka is on Gov. Murphy’s Reopening Committee

Mayor has expressed that Newark is not the same as everywhere else and has cautioned that the pre-existing conditions associated with COVID-19 pose a much greater threat to African-Americans and people of color which make up the majority of Newark’s population. He said he supports Gov. Murphy 100% and loves him, but we do have to be cautious here in the city of Newark.

• We Introduced Three Housing and Development Plans

o Rental Assistance

 Starting on Monday, May 18, you can apply for up to $1,000 grants to help residents who have experienced loss of income, decrease of regular working hours, lay-offs, or furloughs

 Applications are available at: NEWARKCOVID19.COM starting on Monday

o Moratorium on Rent Increases

 Also, effective today there’s a moratorium that prevents any increase in rent including funds for parking, pets, the use of furniture, subletting, and security, damage and cleaning deposits in any property covered by the Newark Rent Control Ordinance.

 The moratorium is retroactive to April 1, 2020, and will remain in effect throughout the State of Emergency declaration in the City of Newark and for a period of two months following the end of the Emergency declaration.

o Spurring Redevelopment and Recovery

 Thirdly, we are accelerating land sales and redevelopment agreements to spur development and economic recovery.

• Mayor Baraka Encourages People to Support Assemblywoman Timberlake’s Legislation

o The legislation would allow renters to negotiate with their landlords to pay their rent over time and for homeowners to pay their mortgage over time (forbearance). Residents are urged to contact their legislators to vote for that bill.

• Reminder: There’s Help for Commercial Property Owners and Tenants

o If you are a commercial tenant, we encourage you to push your landlord to apply for the tax reassessment and if you are a commercial property owner, we encourage you to apply directly.

o The application is available at NEWARKCOVID19.COM  under the “SMALL BUSINESS” section.  

o We urge you to apply for the relief; about 15 people have applied already.

• Reminder: Testing for Newark Residents

o Residents can call to make an appointment at any one of three testing sites. The hours are 9AM to 3PM, Tuesday through Saturday.


Call 973-988-5511 for an appointment and you can drive through or walk-up. This site takes insurance only, including Medicare and Medicaid.

o CITYPLEX 12 located at 360-394 Springfield Ave is a drive through and walk-up site as well.

o 155 MT. PLEASANT AVE is a walk-up only site.

o For both Cityplex and Mt. Pleasant Ave, Newark residents can call 862-257-0718 or make an appointment online at SUNRISEDIAGNOSTICLAB.COM. Appointments can also be made via email at COVIDTESTING@SUNRISEGOC.COM. Insurance is not required at these sites and symptoms aren’t required.

o Mayor Baraka shared with residents that if someone makes an appointment to please show up for the scheduled appointment. There were many no-shows.  

• Food Assistance

Mayor Baraka stated that food is being distributed on Wednesdays for residents in need of food; kindly post contact information on the City of Newark’s daily Facebook Live. We are giving food to as many people as we can.

• Incident on W. Kinney and Halsey Streets

o Mayor Baraka shared that last night (May 12) after the city’s mandatory 8PM curfew, an altercation between a Newark Police officer and a young man occurred on W. Kinney and Halsey Streets. Since then, the officer has been relieved of his gun, removed from street duty and reassigned to desk duty. More information to follow pending a thorough investigation, including review of body cameras.

o He also thanked those police officers who have been doing an outstanding job during the COVID-19 pandemic, not to mention those officers whom have succumbed to the disease.

o Mayor Baraka expressed that we have worked very hard in trying to improve the relationship between the community and police; we will not tolerate egregious behavior; and asks residents to follow the rules in place.

• General Announcements

o Bulk Day garbage collection is currently suspended and street cleaning will resume shortly.

o Be Still Mondays is extended for three more weeks.

• Shout outs  

Mayor Baraka extended his daily acknowledgements and shout outs including Mocha Love Collaborative and Tonnie’s Minis Cupcakes in Teacher’s Village.

• Poem and blessings

Today’s poem was “Blessing the Boats” by Lucille Clifton