May 11, 2020

Key Points from May 11, 2020 Coronavirus (COVID-19) Daily Update

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• Be Still Mondays

Be Still Mondays is a day where we get in tune with ourselves, our family and our community. Shout out to our essential workers.

• Recovery

For the first time in months, the city’s three hospitals have space in their emergency rooms to now take non-COVID patients. More people are also leaving the hospital healthy.

• Decline in New Cases

There has been a steady decline in the number of new cases since the week of April 5th through April 11th, 2020 which was our highest week in Newark since the start of the pandemic.

o For the week of April 5th, we tested a total of 1,827 residents in which 68% came back positive (1,241 new cases).

o For the week of April 12th, we tested a total of 1,850 residents in which 61% came back positive (1,108 new cases).

o For the week of April 19th, we tested a total of 2,374 residents in which 45% came back positive (1,083 new cases).

o For the week of April 26th, we tested a total of 2,638 residents in which 33% came back positive (848 new cases).

o Based on the results from the month of April, social distancing is working. Even with the increased amount of testing, the number of new positive cases are still declining.  

o In addition to the reduction in the number of new cases, we have seen a significant reduction in the number of deaths due to COVID-19 over the same time period.

 For the week of April 5th, there were 129 deaths.

 For the week of April 12th, there were 122 deaths.

 For the week of April 19th, there were 111 deaths.

 For the week of April 26th, there were 26 deaths.

• As of today,

o Newark:

6,332 positive cases; yesterday there were 6,293; increase of 39

491 deaths; yesterday there were 489; 2 new deaths)

o Confirmed positive cases by zip code (as of Sunday, May 10):

07102 – 225

07103 – 731

07104 – 1263

07105 – 946

07106 – 668

07107 – 1032

07108 – 531

07112 – 517

07114 – 244

o Deaths by zip code (as of Sunday, May 10):

07102 – 22

07103 – 89

07104 – 102

07105 – 32

07106 – 60

07107 – 60

07108 – 60

07112 – 46

07114 – 20

• Testing Continues with More Sites – for Newark Residents Only

o Testing at BRANCH BROOK PARK SKATING RINK is open every Tuesday to Saturday from 9AM to 3PM. To make an appointment, call 973-988-5511. This site takes insurance only, including Medicare and Medicaid.

o We also have two new sites opening this Wednesday (they will then be open every Tuesday to Saturday) from 9AM to 3PM. Insurance is not required and you don’t have to have any symptoms. To may an appointment, call 862-257-0718 or email COVIDTESTING@SUNRISEGOC.COM or book online at WWW.SUNRISEDIAGNOSTICLAB.COM.  

 CITYPLEX 12 located at 360-394 SPRINGFIELD AVE


o Testing at all of these sites are reserved for NEWARK RESIDENTS and available by appointment only. You MUST wear a face mask and gloves. Valid ID and proof of Newark residency are required at all sites.

o Please check our website later this evening and social media for a flyer with all of this info as well.

• Contact Tracing

Newark is recruiting and training a team to work remotely to support the Newark Department of Health to perform COVID-19 contact tracing across the city. The aim of this initiative is to call every person diagnosed with COVID-19, establish all contacts of this person, and proceed to call and maintain ongoing communication with every contact. This work is important to control the pandemic in the City of Newark.

• Food Relief Program

o Please remember to leave your information in the comments if you or a loved one are in need of food.

o This Wednesday, you will receive a meal at that address between the hours of 11:30AM and 2:30PM.  

• Rent Relief and Help for Tenants

Mayor Baraka stated that there will be rent relief and also an Executive Order will be signed this week to prevent Landlords from increasing rental amounts during the COVID-19 pandemic.

• Light Newark with Love

Mayor Baraka reminded residents to shine their cell phone lights in their windows at 8PM

• Shout outs

• Residents who sent in Be Still Mondays content:

Master Teacher Kazi - Meditation is Medicine; Tiffany Salas and Gary Campbell - Stay Home PSA; Olivia Harris, Harriet Tubman 6th grader – Rap; Tiana Marie Santos - Census PSA; Cynthia "Lady Rose" Roberson - read her book “Ritta Book and the Grand Slam Project”; Deborah Smith-Gregory - Video saying everything is going to be OK; Newark Library - Video talk called: The effects of the Pandemic: Newark Artists Speak.

• Poem and blessings

Today’s poem was “Lockdown” by Brother Richard. Mayor Baraka also encouraged community activists to protest for our families and grandparents—battle lies and confusion; we need psychologists to provide people with counseling; and we need legislators that are going to help get money to our City- get us PPE- hold the line.