July 28, 2020

Key Points from July 28, 2020 Daily Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

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o Newark:

 19 more positive cases than yesterday, and a total of 323 since the start date of June 30th.

 No new deaths, and a total of 24 since the start date of June 30th, nearly 700 dead since March.

o NJ:

 180,295 positive cases, which is 483 more than yesterday.

 13,905 deaths, which is 21 more than yesterday.


• Alabama        

• Alaska            

• Arkansas        

• Arizona          

• California      

• Delaware        

• DC                  

• Florida          

• Georgia          

• Iowa              

• Idaho            

• Illinois          

• Indiana        

• Kansas          

• Kentucky      

• Louisiana      

• Maryland      

• Minnesota    

• Mississippi    

• Missouri        

• Montana        

• Nebraska      

• Nevada          

• New Mexico  

• North Carolina

• North Dakota

• Ohio        

• Oklahoma

• Puerto Rico

• South Carolina

• Tennessee  

• Texas          

• Utah            

• Virginia      

• Washington

• Wisconsin

BILL A4034

• In case you have not heard, A4034 passed the Assembly appropriations committee and is now posted for the full Assembly vote this Thursday, July 30th. We are awaiting it to be posted in the full Senate too.

• The legislation would provide eviction and foreclosure relief to New Jerseyans experiencing financial stress during the COVID-19 shutdown.

• Please contact your state legislators and tell them to vote YES on A4034/S2340. Tell them to put people over profit and side with residents instead of corporate interests, who are lobbying against this much needed bill.  

• Call Speaker Coughlin regarding this bill. The number to his office is (732) 855-7441 and his Twitter handle is @speakercoughlin.

• Also, the Police and Fire Residency bill S685 passed out of the Senate budget and appropriations committee today. Thank you to all the members of the Senate budget and Appropriations Committee for making this happen.  


Some of the services that DPW is responsible for: Trash collection, tree unit, potholes, recycling, parks and ground, leaf collection, illegal dumping, snow removal.


1. Why are you all switching to night collection?

Not competing with the morning commute and less traffic. Night Collection begins August 2nd for Zone A (and November 2nd for Zone B). Put garbage out the night before between 6-10PM.

2. Why does the garbage need to be out the night before? Wouldn’t that make the city smell bad if trash is sitting that long?

To ensure that there are no missed pickups. If you have a can with a lid it can deter rodents, cats and spillage.

3. Why is there such a huge gap in time between Zone A and Zone B?

4. How will I know which zone I fall into? and you can put in your address to learn which zone you are in. Also, if your trash gets collected on Monday/Thursday you are in Zone A. If your trash gets collected on Tuesday/Friday you are in Zone B.

5. How do I report garbage sitting on the sidewalk or illegal dumping?

Download the Newark Connect app, which allows you to take pictures. You can also call 973-733-6000 or 973-733-4311.

6. What can I put out for bulk day?

Zone A: 1st Wednesday, Zone B: 2nd Wednesday. The next bulk day is August 5th (Zone A), August 12th (Zone B).

7. What if I have more than 10 items for bulk day?

What am I supposed to do? Need your own private hauler if you have more than 10 items

8. How do I get trees picked up?

Call 973-733-8069 tree coordinator

9. Where do I report complaints, illegal dumping, missed collections, rodents?

Use the Newark Connect app.

10. Where do I pick up recycling bins?

62 Frelinghuysen Ave between 7:30AM and 3PM