July 22, 2020

Key Points from July 22, 2020 Coronavirus (COVID-19) Daily Update

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There are no numbers to report today as the State still works on the system.


Below are the street boundaries for the areas that have the highest concentration of COVID-19 cases:

07104 (North Ward)

Broadway to Clifton/ And Delavan Ave. to 3rd Ave.

07105 (East Ward)

Ferry Street to South Street/ And Van Buren Street to NJ Railroad Ave.

07107 (North Ward)

5th Street to N. 12th Street/ And Berkley Ave to 4th Ave.

07112 (South Ward)

Lyons Ave. to Hawthorne Ave./ And Clinton Place to Fabyan Place


Superintendent León joined Mayor Baraka as a guest to give an update on schools and answer questions posed from viewers on Facebook—

School starts on September 8.  

For students returning to the classroom, there are a number of procedures that will be in place:

4 Step process

• Symptom screening

• Temperature check of every one of the returning students

• Shoe sanitizing station

• Hygiene station

NPS is also implementing an intensive cleaning regimen; a hospital grade cleaning process.

On August 7, 2020, all parents will receive a letter informing them whether their children will have virtual or in-person learning.


Are charter schools following this protocol?

Charter schools have a different start date. NPS’s start date is September 8th. For the accurate date and time of when charter schools go back, please check their website.

Are meals still being served?

The breakfast and lunch program continues. As of Monday, July 20, 725,000 meals have been served to the families here in the city of Newark.

Will I be penalized for not bringing my child to school?

Superintendent shared that with this global pandemic it has become clear to him that the health and safety of our students is a priority. If you haven’t heard from NPS ye, you can be in contact with the principals directly and let them know that virtual instruction is the best option for you and your children.

How are kids going to be chosen to either attend school in person or virtually?

Superintendent expressed that there are certain students that they are aware of right now that it will be in their best interest to continue virtually (some who are medically fragile). NPS will be working with every single one of its parents to help make the best decision for their children.  

What about kids with IEPs?

Teachers are going through intensive training during these summer months to be prepared to service all kids with IEPs and beyond, virtually and in-person.

How are we making sure that everyone has access to virtual learning?

Superintendent said that they’ve prepared all students with the necessary technology by providing chrome books and internet access. We will make sure to help close the digital divide by making sure all kids have internet access.

How are kids going to socially distance in a school building?

Superintendent shared that they are following the CDC guidelines. We need to focus everything we know on what would be the safest school day for our children. First Avenue and 13th Avenue are our pilot sites where we are practicing all of that. This is the 3rd week of our in person summer program. While social distancing is important we want to also be sure that we are teaching the kids better than what we taught them before. We’re utilizing and maximizing technology to do that. We are also going to monitor the social and emotional needs of our students come September.

How will teachers who are also parents return to the classroom?

We know there are staff members who may also need to continue virtually when September comes. Part of the solution might be teachers bringing their children to the classroom with them.

How do parents get in contact?

Please reach out to your principal.

Will children be tested for COVID-19?

All staff returning are required to be COVID-19 negative and NPS is interested in doing similar with students.

What happens if a child tests positive?

If a child tests positive, cleaning efforts are intensified.

Where can we get the summer reading list?

You can find it on the Newark Board of Education website.

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