April 6, 2020

Key Points from April 6, 2020 Coronavirus (COVID-19) Daily Update

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• If you have not already, take a few minutes to complete the United States Census. Now more than ever our community will need extra resources so it’s important that we get counted correctly!

    o The website is which is posted on Facebook and our website, along with the phone number you can call based on your language.

• We had a webinar today for artists and artist collectives regarding City grants for artists and organizations that are suffering during this time. There are also grants available for small businesses. Contact for more information or visit

• For unemployment, some restrictions have been stretched to allow others to obtain unemployment and you should be getting an additional $600 than you normally get. Be diligent and patient when calling.

• Department of Treasury will issue $1200 checks to some Americans ($2400 couples). Not everyone will be eligible.

• Newark is trying to set up a fund for people who have issues around rent so stay tuned.

• The State also has many benefits and opportunities so be sure to visit  Small Business Administration at NJ Economic Development Authority at

• Mental health is very important and there are resources for dealing with depression, mental illness, feelings of isolation from being locked-in, loneliness:

973-757-7377 from 9am-3pm

973-418-0735 for after hours calls

973-844-4357 Clara Maass

973-926-7444 Beth Israel

973-621-2323 University Hospital

• We have to flatten the curve before we begin to reopen things, and the longer it takes to flatten the longer we will be in this situation.

• Newark has 1,569 positive cases (yesterday at 46 deaths and today we are at 60).

• This virus has caused more deaths than the flu and can be spread more easily than the flu. You can now get it by people breathing and talking near you. This is why it’s essential that you don’t leave the house and wear a mask (and gloves) if you do. Advocate for others to do the same. The people in the stores need to have on masks. If workers don’t have them on, ask to speak to management. If you walk into somewhere they don’t have them on, leave.

• More people have died from COVID-19 than from homicides in our city. At this rate, we’ll have more than 500 people gone because of this.

• Positive cases by zip code:

     o 07102 – 39 cases, 07114 – 41, 07112 – 110, 07108 – 92, 07107 – 153, 07106 – 151, 07105 – 135, 07104 – 194, 07103 – 124

    o 140 cases of people in 20s; 306 cases of people in 30s; 312 cases of people in 40s; 335 cases of people in 50s; Between ages of 30-50, there are 900+ cases

If you are in this age group, change your behavior, creating more people to get this virus and are leading to the deaths

• Hopefully we can get through April and then see things decline, but people have to social distance themselves. In the meantime, there’s a concerted effort throughout the State to make sure we have enough beds for people, because hospitals are at capacity.

• We are still counting on everyone to lift one another up, hold people accountable, do our part individually and collectively. Wear a mask; the City is going to give out some (cloth face covers). Wear anything on your face (bandanas, shirt, anything for protection).

• Tomorrow comes and the day shows up each time. Our efforts to make sure that more of us make it to the next day. That when the sun comes it shines on most of our faces. We are working hard in the City.

• We all need to be our best selves. We’re going to make it – our families, our city. Protect your family—stay home and practice social distancing.