April 29, 2020

Key Points from April 29, 2020 Coronavirus (COVID-19) Daily Update

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• As of today, here are our numbers:

o Newark:

There are a total 5,300 positive cases (yesterday we reported 5,272); 392 deaths (yesterday we reported 388)

o Essex County:

13,561 positive cases and 1143 deaths

o New Jersey:

116,264 positive cases and 6,770 deaths

o By Zip Code:

07102 – 190 confirmed cases

07103 – 658 confirmed cases

07104 – 1093 confirmed cases

07105 – 726 confirmed cases

07106 – 608 confirmed cases

07107 – 871 confirmed cases

07108 – 448 confirmed cases

07112 – 466 confirmed cases

07114 – 208 confirmed cases

Deaths By Zip Code:

07102 – 19 deaths

07103 – 71 deaths

07104 – 72 deaths

07105 – 21 deaths

07106 – 54 deaths

07107 – 51 deaths

07108 – 51 deaths

07112 – 39 deaths

07114 – 15 deaths

• Re-open Newark

Mayor Baraka seeks a reduction in the rate of infections for better manageability prior to reopening for business in two (2) week intervals. He stated that we must be more cautious and more careful versus other states and/ or cities across the country due to :

o Multi-Unit Rental Structures

o Inequality Housing

o Poverty

Mayor Baraka believes this pandemic is our “NOAH/humanity moment;” a time to restart, reassess our lives, including our lives with family and neighbors. Furthermore, our relationship with the city and government. “A time to make things EVEN.” When we come out of this everything will be different.

Newark makes up approximately 20% of positive cases in New Jersey; while representing less than 15% of the total population.

He believes that Newark residents have the ability and DNA to sustain and live thru this COVID-19 pandemic.

More people have died in Newark from COVID-19 in 2020 as opposed to five years of total homicides combined not to mention more NJ deaths than 9/11. He further stated that there should be more help from the community.

• Food relief program

Today, with tremendous support from Hello Fresh and Table to Table, we gave out 500 meals to seniors. We are starting with the people in our database who have been involved in our senior programs, residents who live in our senior buildings, and families who go to our rec centers. But if you’re in need of food and haven’t already received a gift card, we will be giving them out tomorrow: call 973-733-5728, between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m.

• Pandemic Unemployment Assistance

Mayor Baraka stated that anyone who has been denied unemployment insurance should contact the State of New Jersey at

• Reminder: Submit original content for Be Still Mondays to be aired on Newark TV

Please send your videos to NWKTVSTUDIO@GMAIL.COM.

family-friendly, motivational, entertainment, arts, etc.

• Reminder: 2020 Census

o Forms have been mailed to households that haven’t submitted their Census yet, so in addition to online, via smart phone, and by calling, everyone can also fill out the paper form and return it by mail.

o However you submit it, please just be sure to do it so that we are ALL COUNTED.

o Completing the Census helps us with revenues for healthcare, infrastructure, food relief, and countless other resources we need now and beyond.

o Please go to today!

• Parks

Mayor Baraka opposes the opening of Essex County Parks.

He stated that if they are open, then they must clean them properly and provide the appropriate security to ensure proper social distancing in addition to proper cleaning.

• Shout outs

o Avalon Brown, RN for submitting our first video and for also serving as an essential worker!

o Chateau De Spain – feeding front line workers

o Newark Public Schools | Census 2020

o All City-Wide Clergy

• Poem and blessings

Marc Anthony’s Mi Gente played in beginning of update and Mayor ended with encouraging everyone to stay strong; be blessed.