April 29, 2020

Key Points from April 28, 2020 Coronavirus (COVID-19) Daily Update

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• As of today, here are our numbers:

o Newark:

5,272 positive cases (yesterday was 5,144, so that’s an increase of 128 new cases)

388 deaths (yesterday was 358, so that’s an increase of 30 deaths)

o Essex County:

13,190 positive cases

1090 deaths

o New Jersey:

113,856 positive cases

6,442 deaths

o More than 3 million (3,105,461) cases globally and 200,000 plus deaths (214,429)

o In the United States: More than 1 million COVID-19 positive cases and 57,862 deaths

o Positive Cases By Zip Code:

07102 – 187 confirmed cases

07103 – 644 confirmed cases

07104 – 1074 confirmed cases

07105 – 703 confirmed cases

07106 – 605 confirmed cases

07107 – 844 confirmed cases

07108 – 441 confirmed cases

07112 – 457 confirmed cases

07114 – 201 confirmed cases

o Deaths By Zip Code:

07102 – 18 confirmed deaths

07103 – 71 confirmed deaths

07104 – 69 confirmed deaths

07105 – 19 confirmed deaths

07106 – 54 confirmed deaths

07107 – 50 confirmed deaths

07108 – 48 confirmed deaths

07112 – 38 confirmed deaths

07114 – 15 confirmed deaths

• Social Distancing

Mayor Baraka stressed the need for continued social distancing despite what other cities may be doing. He also stated that persons who have tested positive for COVID-19 should remain home as it is the law in Newark.

• He also reiterated some of Gov. Murphy’s six (6) point plan for reopening, which includes:

o Reduction in new infections

o Mayor Baraka would like to see no more than ten (10) new cases per day prior to re-opening for business

o Robust testing

 Mayor Baraka participated in a webinar consisting of 75 people regarding contact tracing. The Newark Housing Authority will be conducting on-site COVID-19 testing, in addition the city will provide testing at the following locations:

• James C. White Manor

516 Bergen St, Newark, New Jersey 07108

• Branch Brook Manor

212 Clifton Ave, Newark, NJ 07104

• Branch Brook Park Roller Skating Center

7th Ave & Clifton Ave, Newark, NJ 07104

o Safe places for isolation

 Mayor Baraka said that two (2) facilities have been selected to provide housing for homeless individuals in addition to those discharged from hospitals or anyone in need of a “safe haven.”

o Mayor Baraka stated that Gov. Murphy has established a statewide planning commission to develop a “safe plan to reopen.” Mayor Baraka will be following suit to establish a local commission for the City of Newark. The Mayor envisions an initial two (2) week at a time “phase-in” plan of industries to allow space to reduce the risk of any spikes in new cases to avoid going backwards.

o For additional data information please visit the city’s website at

• Food gift cards were given out today

o Today, we distributed 394 ShopRite gift cards and we will give them out on Thursday as well.

 If you are in need of food and haven’t already received a gift card:

Call: 973-733-5728

Hours: Between 8am and 4pm

• Paycheck Protection Program Webinar was held this afternoon

o In Case You Missed It – and are a MWBE/small business owner, you can watch the recording of the Paycheck Protection Program webinar that gives guidance on how to apply for PPP funds.

 Visit:

 Email:

• Our Fair Share

To apply for the PPP funding, go to It will tell you what you need and will walk you through the process. This tool was created so that communities like ours can gain fair access.

• Small Business Grant Program

Mayor Baraka stated that funds are still available to help small businesses with losses they have experienced through loss of income, payroll loss, sales, etc. This emergency fund will provide working capital grants in amounts up to Ten Thousand ($10,000) to qualifying small businesses. Proceeds of the grant can be utilized for accounts payable, payroll, inventory, equipment, business compliance, licensing renewal, utilities, building capacity, legal, financial services, rent, insurance, business taxes, supplies or most business-related items, as allowable by the funding sources.

• Reminder: Newark 2020’s Virtual Career Coaching Series

o Starting tomorrow – you can get FREE career coaching

o For more information, go to:

o To register:

• Reminder: 2020 Census

o Please complete your Census form. We are 36.6% counted. It takes less than 10 minutes and you can do it on your computer, your smart phone or can call.

• Be Still Mondays – Original Content for Newark TV

o We are going to begin showing your original videos on Newark TV. Please send your videos to

Family friendly, motivational, entertainments, arts, etc.

• Poem and blessings

o Mayor Baraka’s read Maya Angelou’s poem, “Alone”

o Song of the day: Bob Marley, “Live Me Up Yourself”