April 27, 2020

Key Points from April 27, 2020 Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

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• As of today, here are our numbers:

o Newark:

5,144 positive cases (yesterday: 5,115 = 29 new cases)

358 deaths (yesterday: 356)

o Essex County:

13,047 positive cases

1028 deaths

o New Jersey:

111,188 positive cases

6,044 deaths

o More than 3 million (3,020,117) cases globally and 188,930 deaths

o By Zip Code (as of 8am):

07102 – 183

07103 – 628

07104 – 1050

07105 – 677

07106 – 601

07107 – 820

07108 – 430

07112 – 443

07114 – 198

Deaths By Zip Code (as of 8am):

07102 – 17

07103 – 67

07104 – 63

07105 – 18

07106 – 52

07107 – 44

07108 – 43

07112 – 36

07114 – 13

• Gov. Murphy’s “The Road Back” for restoring NJ’s economic health through public health

Expanding upon, Gov. Murphy’s plan, Mayor Baraka shared the key points for those who may not have heard about it and how we in Newark are in alignment.

1. Reduction in new cases

Flattening the curve and why social distancing is important to combat COVID-19

Mayor Baraka along with the US Conference of Mayors spoke with US Surgeon General Adams who stated that earlier predictions of death tolls would not be reached due to social distancing. The Mayor also stressed the importance of continued social distancing while acknowledging that majority of Newark residents have been in compliance with the city’s “Shelter In Place” order.

2. Expanded Testing

Mayor Baraka announced additional COVID-19 testing sites within the City of Newark with support from OEM, Sunrise, Horizon, Rutgers, and philanthropist Raymond Chambers.

These sites will be located at the following locations:

o James C. White Manor

516 Bergen St, Newark, New Jersey 07108

(Newark Housing Authority)

o Branch Brook Manor

212 Clifton Ave, Newark, NJ 07104

(Newark Housing Authority)

o Branch Brook Park Roller Skating Center

7th Ave & Clifton Ave, Newark, NJ 07104

3. Contact Tracing

Mayor Baraka stated that 200 persons will be trained to begin contact tracing. In public health, contact tracing is the process of identification of persons who may have come into contact with an infected person ("contacts") and subsequent collection of further information about these contacts. By tracing the contacts of infected individuals, testing them for infection, treating the infected and tracing their contacts in turn, public health aims to reduce infections in the population.

o Trace and monitor contacts of infected people.

o Support the quarantine of contacts.

o Expand staffing resources.

o Use digital tools.

4. Isolation

Infected individuals of COVID-19 need to be sheltered and/or isolated to help reduce the further spread of COVID-19.

5. Responsible Economic Restart

Mayor Baraka stated that states and cities will begin to re-open in phases and stages; thus to help reduce the further spread of COVID-19.

6. Resiliency

Mayor Baraka stated that persons who are covered by Horizon, Medicare and Medicaid can receive FREE COVID-19 services such as testing and treatment. He further stated that healthcare services should remain free for all individuals post the COVID-19 pandemic stating that, “…Your health is your right, not a privilege.”

• Round 2 of the Paycheck Protection Program Started Today

o Funds have been replenished for the U.S. Paycheck Protection Program and the Small Business Administration began receiving applications. These funds are expected to run out in just days so ACT QUICKLY.

o The City, along with Invest Newark, and Combs Enterprises is hosting a webinar TOMORROW to help access these funds. To register for the webinar, go to the website that’s listed on the flyer (posted on our page and we’ll post again).

o To apply for the funding, go to It will tell you what you need and will walk you through the process. Shout out to Sean “Diddy” Combs for creating this tool so that our community small businesses can gain fair access.


o Starts April 29th with coaching and professional development to aid you while you work remotely, search for a job, or try to remain career-ready.

 Series includes:

• Experienced Session Facilitators from our Employer Partners here in the City of Newark

• Training on Virtual Workplace Technology Tools

• Effective Job Search including Virtual Job Opportunities and Remote Task Delivery

• Virtual Job Interviewing Skills, How To Show Up - AND Resume Updating and Building

• Power Networking using Technology like LINKED IN and more…

o For more information on Newark 2020’s VIRTUAL CAREER COACHING SERIES: GO TO:


 Click on the blue RESIDENTS INFORMATION button



 CALL: 862-277-4560


o Again, the VIRTUAL CAREER COACHING SERIES will begin on APRIL 29th

• Community Action – For Be Still Monday

o Tonight at 8PM “Light Newark With Love” again on by shining your phone light and playing the same song

 A little different than last week…

 At 8PM: Go to your windows, porches, balconies and shine your cell phone lights.

 At 8:05PM: Play: “Live Your Life" (T.I. featuring Rihanna)

• Today is Newark Public Schools Census 2020 Day

o Social Studies teachers used their virtual classes to talk about the Census and encouraged families to complete the form

o Shout out to Superintendent León

• REMINDER: 2020 Census

If you have not already, please complete the Census TODAY. Visit

• Poem and blessings

Mayor Baraka read an original poem composed by a Newark Resident.

Played the song “I Smile” by Kirk Franklin