April 22, 2020

Key Points from April 22, 2020 Coronavirus (COVID-19) Daily Update

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Key Points from April 22, 2020 Coronavirus (COVID-19) Daily Update

• As of today, here are our numbers:

o Newark:

4,458 positive cases (yesterday: 4,328)

307 deaths (yesterday: 298)

o Essex County:

11,387 positive cases

888 deaths

o New Jersey:

95,865 positive cases

5,063 deaths

o 2.6 million cases Globally and 182,467 deaths

o In the United States: More than 831,000 COVID-19 positive cases and 44,240 have died from the disease.

• Gift Card Distribution by Ward

Last week we reported the total number of gift cards distributed but here’s a breakdown by Ward:

Central - 724

East - 852

North - 654

South - 954

West - 471

Miscellaneous - 95

TOTAL - 3750

• First Round of Grant Awards from Small Business Emergency Fund

o The first round was funded by a contribution from Prudential Financial. The second round will include grants funded by the City of Newark plus federal and private sources.

o There were 21 grantees to businesses from throughout the city, and grants ranged from $2,500 to the maximum grant amount of $10,000.

o The businesses employ a total of between 50 and 101 workers. 1249 businesses have applied to date, and 475 have completed applications.

o Newark’s small businesses are experiencing one of the greatest challenges in our history.

o We didn’t stand by and wait for help from other sources. Newark moved immediately to solve our own problems.

o It is clear from the strong response to this program, that much more funding is needed to meet the need. We are seeking additional public funds, and I call upon other major Newark businesses to join Prudential in contributing to this fund.

o Congratulations to the following grantees:

 158 Market Mall, INC

 Active Bok, LLC., dba Colosseum Gym

 Allegro Restaurant

 Aquamarine Fashion

 TEMPO Networks, LLC

 Floyd D. Townsend and Associates

 Marie’s Unisex

 Many Construction & Improvement, LLC

 Suissa Enterprises, Inc.

 Dream-Play Media, LLC

 SH Cleaner, Inc.

 Wine Enterprises, LLC

 Loft Life, LLC

 RyArMo Pharmacy Studio, LLC

 Alma Mar Restaurant, Inc.



 Off the Hanger

 Dental Kidz, LLC

 MBA Foods LLC, DBA/ Sweetwaters Coffee and Tea

 Narsico's Printing

• Press Conference Asking for More Federal Funding

o Tune in tomorrow on Facebook Live at 11AM for a press conference where we will a COVID-19 update and share the impact the disease has had on our city, and our need for more federal funding.

o Later in the afternoon, you can also watch it on Newark TV.

o It will be informative so be sure to tune in.

• REMINDER: 2020 Census

Thank you to everyone who has completed the Census to ensure Newark gets counted completely!

We are depending on those dollars so please if you have not, complete your Census form online or by phone.

• House Set to Pass New Stimulus With Plans to Dole Out More

Mayor Baraka stated that US Senate has passed a new federal stimulus package to provide more aid for small businesses owners. For additional information please contact Invest Newark |

• Antibodies from blood of recovered COVID-19 patients may be key to fighting coronavirus

Mayor Baraka encourages individuals who have recovered from COVID-19 to contact UMDNJ in reference to becoming a blood donor to help the fight for life” for others.

• Grab N’ Go Meals

Mayor Baraka stated that individuals who are still in need of food can visit Willing Heart Community Care Centennial |

555 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd| Newark NJ | 973-642-2267

• Stimulus Check

Mayor Baraka stated for individuals who have yet to receive their stimulus check to contact the Internal Revenue Service.

• Poem and blessings

For My people | Margaret Walker

Sounds of Blackness | Be Optimistic