August 31, 2017

Inclusionary Zoning Will Create Housing that Newark Families Can Afford

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Inclusionary Zoning Will Create Housing that Newark Families Can Afford

The Facts

• The Inclusionary Zoning Ordinance is a proposed law that requires developers to make 20% of the housing in new large developments affordable to Newark's working families.

• This law will apply to every neighborhood in every ward.

• Newark residents will have a preference for the new affordable housing.

• This will help insure that the recent increase in development and investment in Newark will benefit existing Newark residents.

• Inclusionary zoning will help Newark avoid the failures of places like Hoboken, Jersey City, Harlem, and Brooklyn where far too many long-term residents were displaced or priced out of their home communities.

• The cost of housing for Newark's working families is increasing much faster than incomes, and most Newark families are working class.

• Newark working families pay more than 40% of their incomes for housing leaving not enough for transportation, food, clothing, school supplies, medicine and other necessities.

• Research and results show that

more than 200 communities in the United States have successful inclusionary zoning including New York City, San Francisco, Denver, Frederick County, MD, Fairfax County, VA. San Diego, Montclair and Princeton.

• It is estimated that around the country, inclusionary zoning has produced affordable housing for more than 100,000 families and individuals.

• Newark's ordinance is based upon the best practices developed by other cities with inclusionary zoning.

• Within new housing developments, affordable apartments must be located throughout the building(s), preventing discrimination and segregation.

• A developer who is unable to include affordable housing units must contribute to a fund that will build affordable housing around the city.

• Developers need zoning variances or other assistance from city government. It is only fair that if developers need something from Newark residents through the City they should give something back such as access to affordable housing for residents.