August 18, 2016


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Mayor Ras J. Baraka announced today that the City is now offering, and continuing through September 12, 2016, an Amnesty Program to assist struggling property owners who are in arrears on their 2015 and prior years’ property taxes, water and sewer chargers, and all municipal liens.

“This program is especially needed during these challenging economic times to generate revenue for our City, but will also assist our residents who are already delinquent on their bills. By participating in this program residents who are in arrears on their 2015 and prior years’ property taxes, water and sewer charges, and all municipal liens, will avoid further penalties. This Amnesty program is a win-win situation for everyone,” Mayor Baraka said.

During this Amnesty Period, any resident who pays 2015 and prior years’ delinquent property taxes, water and sewer charges, and/or all Municipal tax liens will not have to pay the penalties and interest associated with those bills. Payments must be made for the entire delinquent period (inclusive of the 2016 1st and 2nd Quarters). All payments postmarked and received after September 12, 2016, will be assessed interest and penalties as mandated by law without regard to this Amnesty Offer.

The Amnesty Program pertains to Property Taxes, Water and Sewer Charges, Only, and DOES NOT INCLUDE:

  • Any interest, penalties and/or fees due on Third Party Lienholders purchased or assigned
  • 6% year-end penalties and Interest
  • Any/All properties acquired, transferred, purchased, or negotiated through any Federal, Civil, Municipal, Superior or State Court
  • Any or all adjudicated or pending State or County Board Tax Appeals
  • Litigation of any kind with the City of Newark, which has prohibited the collection of any outstanding taxes/debt
  • Any property that is under the protection of the U.S. Bankruptcy Court

Payments will only be accepted by cash, Certified Bank Funds, Bank Money Orders, Postal Money Orders, Debit or Credit Cards.  Payment must be for the total outstanding balance, inclusive of all quarters and years, in order to receive benefit of the Amnesty.

For more information on the Tax Amnesty Program, please contact the following phone numbers, Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.


Customer Service Numbers

Property Tax Office:  (973) 733-3960, 3961, 3962, 3790, 3791, 3792

Tax Lien Unit:   (973) 733-3875, 3963, 3967 or 3980

Water and Sewer Utilities Department: (973) 733-6370, 6371, 6396, 6397, 5966