January 12, 2018


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Mayor Ras J. Baraka and the Newark Municipal Council reminded residents today that City Hall will be closed and all non-emergency Newark municipal services will be suspended on Monday, January 15, 2018, in observance of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Police, Fire, and other uniformed emergency services will be unaffected. 

“Dr. Martin Luther King’s life, works, words, and legacy stand as an inspiration and a challenge to all of Newark, America, and the entire world. He moves us to join together to transform our world – especially our corner of it in Newark – to one we can all believe in,” said Mayor Baraka. “During his term in office, President Obama urged us to honor Dr. King’s legacy by making this important holiday a national ‘Day of Service.’ In the wake of an intense cold snap that has severely impacted the region, this need is greater than ever. I urge all of Newark’s residents to do so – whether cleaning up an empty lot, helping at a homeless shelter, or mentoring a child. I also urge residents to uphold the City’s sanitation ordinances, and while Newark City Hall will be closed in observance of this important holiday, the City will be prepared to respond to any emergency.”

Garbage collection that would normally occur on Monday, January 15, will take place on the next normal collection day in Zone A, Thursday, January 18. Therefore, residents should not put out their trash on Monday, January 15, as doing so may result in a fine. On Thursday, January 18, their regular collection day, residents must place their refuse and bottle and cans recycling at their curbs for pick-up by 6 a.m. Street-sweeping services will also be suspended on Monday, January 15. The next paper recycling pick-up will occur on Monday, January 22.

The Department of Health and Community Wellness’s inspection services, transportation for seniors, and health clinic, will not operate on Monday, January 15. In addition, the Bureau of Vital Statistics will be closed. Residents will not be able to apply for permits, birth certificates, name-change certificates, marriage licenses, or pay water or tax bills at City Hall. However, the Medical Director and Department’s Division of Surveillance and Prevention are on call for non-life threatening medical and public health emergencies.

The Municipal Court will also be closed this holiday. Residents can make payments on parking and traffic tickets through the website To utilize this website, residents will need their summons number, including the prefix, and the City of Newark’s court code, which is 0714.

During this holiday, Department of Water and Sewer Utilities customers can make payments online at or by calling 1-888-877-0450, referencing the account number. Payments are accepted by e-check, credit or debit card for a small convenience fee.