December 31, 2020

City Administers First COVID-19 Vaccinations to Frontline Healthcare Workers

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The City’s first COVID-19 vaccines were administered this week to healthcare workers at the Department of Health and Community Wellness, and Dr. Mark Wade wants anyone eligible for this initial wave of vaccines to know it is available.

“We all know too well how COVID-19 has affected those in the healthcare profession, and how it has stressed the healthcare capacity within Newark,” Dr. Wade said. “This is why we are excited to share that the first shipments of COVID-19 vaccines have arrived in Newark, and our healthcare personnel are the first recipients.”

Dr. Wade said the City is following  Center for Disease Control (CDC) and New Jersey State guidelines in Phase 1 of distribution. Healthcare workers are in Category 1A, including, but not limited to, all paid and unpaid individuals who work in hospitals, long-term care facilities, home care, urgent care, and clinics, dialysis centers, dental offices, funeral homes, pharmacies, public health, group homes, and those who work in emergency medical services (EMS). This includes both clinical and non-clinical staff.

“These are the front-line workers,” he said.

Dr. Wade is asking residents to educate themselves about the vaccines, which have proved between 90-95 percent effective and have shown minimal side effects.

More information about the NJ phased vaccination plan can be found on the NJ COVID-19 website, linked here:

The New Jersey Department of Health website also has more information about the COVID-19 vaccine, including FAQs about the vaccine’s safety and efficacy, linked here:

Currently in Newark, the Department of Health and Community Wellness has two sites open for vaccine distribution. Additional sites will open soon to vaccinate the next categories of prioritized individuals, in coordination with the Newark Department of Public Safety.  Anyone interested in registering for a vaccine can do so at

Should you not have internet access and need (or prefer) to call for an appointment, call (973) 733-5728 Monday through Friday, 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM. Please contact Wanda Cabrera, Chief Operating Officer, at (973) 877-6083 should you have any questions.

-- Newark News