February 6, 2018

After Domestic Violence Killing in Newark This Morning, Mayor Baraka Asks For Law Enforcement, Legislative, Judicial Collaboration to Fix Defects in Bail Reform

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“This morning, a woman was shot and killed on Scheerer Avenue in Newark in an incident of domestic violence. Our hearts go out to the children and family she leaves behind. Having lost my sister to an act of domestic violence, I am deeply moved by what happened this morning and determined to do everything possible to prevent these senseless killings.

“After police pursued the suspect in his car to Summit, he shot himself and was transported to Morristown Hospital where he is receiving treatment. The suspect was arrested on prior occasions for domestic violence and was released most recently after a domestic violence incident involving a weapon.

“What happened this morning is a sobering example of why the flaws in bail reform must be fixed. We can’t go on losing lives like this. In the wake of this murder, I am calling for all parties involved in criminal justice in Newark and Essex County: legislators, police, prosecutors, and judges to come together and collaborate to review criminal justice reform. Together, we need to look at the downgrading of charges by prosecutors, especially in cases of domestic violence, and to fix the serious flaws in bail reform.”