South Ward Council Member

Patrick O. Council

Councilman, South Ward

Aide: Hasani K. Council, Chief of Staff,

Aide: Brianna Anderson, Policy Advisor,

Aide: Sabor Austin,

Aide: Hazel Digiovine,

Aide: Chantelle Joe,




A consistent and visible leader with over 20 years of administrative experience and advocacy. South Ward Councilman Patrick Council has been at the forefront of change and struggle in the City of Newark and in the South Ward.

His ability to be a unifier and collaboration builder has been critical in connecting community residents and leaders in creating better partnerships and resources for citizens alike.

Councilman Patrick Council background as a former educator and board member keeps him dedicated and focused on equity in our educational system and his leadership as a youth and senior organizer has allowed several families to be connected to a wide range of services and programs.

Councilman Council’s diverse background brings energy, knowledge and focus to the City Council and the Ward that he represents as a municipal leader.

South Ward Councilman Patrick Council is intent on Refocusing, Reimagining, and Rebuilding a Stronger and Better South Ward for all South Ward residents that will have an impact across the entire City of Newark.