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Housing and Consumer Service Engagement Manager - CV

Title: Housing and Consumer Service Engagement Manager - CV

Reports to: Immediate Supervisor - Director of Social Services



  • Responsible for programmatic oversite for all homeless programs associated with COVID-19 mitigation efforts including but not limited to shelters, outreach services, and drop in facilities.
  • Responsible for programmatic and fiscal oversight of the COVID-19 Programmatic Support Sheltering Initiative
  • Responsible for managing the case manager liaison’s and ensuring meeting of deadlines and overall goals and objectives of the program
  • Responsible for researching developing and implementing best sheltering and case management practices and model relevant to the current and post pandemic environment
  • Responsible for training in-house staff (case manager liaison’s), as well as, contracted shelter staff on effective and efficient use of the case management model to ensure that individual resident short-term goals are met within an appropriate timeframe to attain housing stability
  • Responsible for managing sheltering initiative and COVID-19 mitigation staff
  • Responsible for overall strategic planning associated with the COVID-19 specific emergency sheltering initiative.
  • Develop and implement emergency response system at participating shelters in partnership with the Responsible for developing and maintaining partnerships/relationships with various agencies via MOU’s as a resource to assist site residents
  • Responsible for ensuring that the case management model is being used in an effective and efficient way to meet client goals and overall program goals deadlines.
  • Enhance City of Newark Homeless Division reputation and promote a positive image of the consumer service delivery and provider services


  • Develop and implement emergency response system at participating shelters in partnership with the Community Engagement & Stakeholder Manager
  • Serve as personal point of contact for sheltering leadership team /staff for emergent circumstances and incident reporting
  • Manage emergency response team


  • Responsible for managing billing and working with the fiscal team to ensure timely reimbursement for services rendered
  • Responsible for reporting out to HUD in a timely manner on the use of the CV-funds for the particular purpose


  • Responsible for HMIS set up
  • Responsible for ensuring that programmatic and fiscal contractual obligations are being met
  • Responsible for establishing and implementing policies and protocols to promote effective programmatic monitoring and accountability


9am to 5pm Monday to Friday. Evenings and Weekends as needed.


$38 /hr - Bi-weekly. This is a contractual position, health benefits not included

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