Job opening

Data Entry Machine Operator


VICINAGE: Essex County

POSITION TITLE: Data Entry Machine Operator

POSTING DATE: Ongoing Recruitment

SALARY: $32,189.05


The Newark Municipal Court is seeking to hire a qualified, motivated self-starter with team player qualities and excellent communication skills to perform duties related to the position of Data Entry Machine Operator. Prior municipal court experience with knowledge of ATS/ACS, eMACS, PCSAM and Zoom is preferred but not required.

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to, scheduling traffic and criminal violation appearances, controlling pending traffic and criminal cases, coordinating schedules, entering dispositions, completing post court paperwork, forwarding notices, preparing related documents and completing other assigned duties necessary for the regular flow of cases.

The successful candidate will comply with the New Jersey Rules of Court, Supreme Court Directives, the judicial Code of Conduct, Newark Employee Handbook and all established policies governing the operation of Municipal Courts


Pursuant to Section 2:14-1 of the Newark Administrative Code, all persons newly hired must be or become a bona fide resident of the City of Newark. Bone fide resident means having a permanent domicile within the City and one which has not been adopted with the intention of again taking up or claiming a previous residence acquired outside the City limits.

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