Mayor Ras J Baraka to Sign Sweeping Executive order Strengthening Sanctuary City Status

Mayor Ras J. Baraka will sign a 10-page executive order spelling out in great legal detail the City of Newark’s sanctuary city status and the protocols and protections that the city provides to undocumented immigrants today, Monday, June 19, at 11 a.m., in the Press Briefing Room at City Hall, located at 920 Broad Street. This codifies the city’s long standing practices with regards to the protection of communities who are most vulnerable. At the signing and press conference, the Mayor will be joined by members of the Newark Municipal Council and other Municipal Directors.

Mayor Baraka has been a strong vocal supporter of protecting the rights of undocumented immigrants and a leader in the fight against Trump’s administration policies. The City of Newark will continue to push against the administration’s attack on immigrant communities and take a firm stance at a statewide and national level.

Mayor Baraka’s measures to protect undocumented immigrants and other potential victims of the Trump administration’s policies have included providing all residents of Newark, regardless of immigrant status, with municipal ID cards, which holders can use to access municipal and other services. In addition, municipal employees, including police officers, housing code inspectors, and health officers, do not inquire about immigration status when assisting persons or answering requests for service.

Partners in this initiative include the NJ Alliance for Immigrant Justice, 32BJ SEIU, Make The Road, ACLU and NJ Working Families. Additional partnering organizations include: AFSC, NJPP, Latino Action Network, LALDEF, New Labor, Wind of the Spirit, Ironbound Community Corp, and Faith in New Jersey.