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Shared Micro-Mobility Devices

Micro-mobility Devices are motorized scooters (Stand up or Sit down Models) also known as E-Scooters, and Electric power-assisted bicycles also known as E-Bikes, that provide an option to get around quickly and easily to your next destination. Some micro-mobility devices are owned by citizens in your community, but the City is offering these devices for you to rent on-demand using a smartphone. Rental devices are dockless, which means they don’t have a designated start and end location or station, however, in some locations throughout the City, parking locations shall be enforced to ensure pedestrian and vehicle traffic are not affected by these devices.The City of Newark encourages safe and considerate riders on scooters and bicycles.

Equity Zones

Equity Zones are locations within the City with high low-income populations, based on Census data. In Newark, these are areas outside of transit corridors, with fewer transportation options. The City required all operators to deploy a minimum of 15% of their fleet within these areas. The goal of the program is to establish equity by offering travel options throughout the City. Below, there is a highlighted map of the Equity Zone locations.

Rental Operator

  • Operators required to deploy 15% of vehicles in Equity Zones, and approx. 155,000 rides (~11% of all trips) have started or ended in one of those zones
  • A combined average of ~1,200 vehicles available per day, just over half of the pilot vehicle cap, and no instances of operators exceeding the cap
  • Average of ~2 trips per vehicle per day since the start of the pilot, a very strong industry average, indicating robust
  • Bird & Veo conducting ridership surveys via their apps and street teams
  • Early responses demonstrate that 37% of trips would have been made via a car, in line with industry averages, contributing to a reduction in congestion and emissions
  • 57% of riders surveyed by Bird visited a local business on their previous ride

Request Service/Report a Problem

Ride Affordability


Bird offers a discount for Senior Citizens, US Veterans, individuals participating in a state or federal assistance program and other qualifying community members can qualify for up to 50% off Bird Rides.


VEO offers VEO Access, which is an affordable way to use VEO in your city through discounted rates. Qualifying riders will receive free unlocking fees on all trips. To qualify, you will need to demonstrate eligibility or participation in any local, state, or federal assistance program.

For either company, the sign up is on their mobile application or call the number shown above

Scooter and E-Bike Safety

The rules for using scooters and e-bikes should follow the same laws for riding bicycles. Whether you own or ride a shared vehicle, BE SAFE AND COURTEOUS to everyone sharing the road.

At the end of trips, riders are encouraged to park scooters/e-bikes in designated locations or at bicycle racks. However, if one of those options aren’t available, scooters shall be parked with care, on the sidewalk, by the curb, without blocking any Handicap Ramps, Driveways,Walkways, Street Lanes or Entrances.

Scooters are required to be ridden on the street or bike lane (where accessible). Riding scooters on the sidewalk is strictly prohibited with in the City of Newark. Scooters can be walked while on the sidewalk to either park or reach the curb to ride on the street.Other tips to ride safely:

  • Obey posted traffic signs and signals.
  • Ride in the same direction as traffic.
  • Communicate your intentions by using hand signals.
  • Keep your eyes on the road and avoid the use of anything that may distract you such as cell phones and headphones.
  • Stay visible after dark and in bad weather with light-colored clothing,reflective gear and lights.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Safety:

Are there age restrictions for e-scooters?

The age requirement to rent an e-scooter in the City of Newark is seventeen(17) years of age.

What can you do about a scooter blocking a path?

If a scooter is parked incorrectly, and you are not able to move it, call or email the operator of the device. The company information is printed on every scooter in English and in braille. Companies are required to remove the device within (2 to 6) hours of a reported incident.

Otherwise, if you are able to move a scooter to a safe location, please feel free to do so.

What are the speed limits of the e-scooters?

City code allows e-scooters to travel up to 15 mph and e-bikes up to 20 mph in the street. Riding is prohibited on the sidewalks, but the devices can be walked sidewalk until the rider is able to use the street.

Do I have to wear a helmet while riding a scooter?

While there are no state or city-mandated laws requiring helmet use for e-scooter riders over the age of 17, the City encourages individuals to prioritize safety by using a helmet while riding. Even though it’s not mandatory, the City emphasizes that helmets can significantly contribute to rider safety and may be instrumental in preventing injuries. Therefore, riders are strongly encouraged to wear helmets for their own protection while operating e-scooters/e-bikes.

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