The Office of Comprehensive Community Education (OCCE) executes the Mayor’s education agenda for City of Newark and builds capacity as a facilitator and primary point of contact for sector alignment. 

The Office of Comprehensive Community Education has several priority areas. 

Priority Area I: Expand and Sustain Community Schools

The OCCE supports the community schools strategy that includes the South Ward Community Schools Initiative and other schools citywide. 

Priority Area II: Policy Lab

The OCCE in conjunction with The Newark Trust for Education will initiate a data strategy that convenes stakeholders throughout the City to first conduct a data audit to uncover City-wide capacity and data collection resources. The OCCE will advise data collection process for the South Ward Community Schools Initiative and, in partnership with The Strong Healthy Communities, is working to designate Newark as a Policy Lab. 

Priority Area iii: Local Control

The OCCE will facilitate a think-tank comprised of education stakeholders to determine best practices, provide guidance, and recommend next steps while working with Newark Public Schools

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