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Weights and Measures

The mission of Weights & Measures Bureau is to maintain packaged good and measuring devices in accordance with state guidelines.

Inspection: The Weights and Measures Bureau pursuant to N.J.S. 51:1-1 et. seq. is responsible for the inspections of all weighing and measuring devices within the City of Newark. All weighing and measuring devices shall be tested and sealed at least once each year. Results of these tests are forwarded to the State Superintendent’s Weights and Measures yearly. 


Timing Devices: Clothes dryers in local laundromats and parking meters. 

Packaged Reweighs: Net weight of all packaged items in food establishments are weighed on a package reweigh scale by the Superintendent of Weights and Measures to ensure the printed weight on the package is in compliance with the weight and measures standards set forth in state statute N.J.S. 51:1-1 et. seq.

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