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Sustainability Stewards

The City of Newark Office of Sustainability is recruiting Newarkers to roll up their sleeves and join your neighbors, local community groups, and city officials in implementing sustainability projects in your neighborhood. Read on to learn how to get involved.

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Rain Barrel Giveaway – Rain barrels are placed under the downspout connected to the roof gutter to collect rainwater which can be used to water plants, or stored for emergency use. By installing a rain barrel, residents will help to reduce flooding and pollution in local streams, rivers, and lakes. We are recruiting property owners interested in receiving a free rain barrel as well as volunteers interested in specialized training to help install rain barrels in businesses and homes in their neighborhood.

Adopt A Catch Basin – Catch basins are designed to collect water during storm events. When a storm occurs, rainwater carries litter, debris and other pollutants to catch basins on the street. By adopting a catch basin, residents can help beautify their neighborhood, reduce localized flooding and help reduce the amount of litter and debris getting into our pipes and waterways. We are recruiting Newark residents, school groups, faith groups, and community-based organizations to adopt catch basins near them. Volunteers will be provided with a free “catch basin care kit.”

To learn more, contact Jinnia Nusrat at or 973-877-9540.

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Newark Trees Count – Street trees are a critical element of building Newark’s sustainability and resiliency by beautifying neighborhoods, and reducing air pollution, storm water runoff, and urban heat. By inventorying our street trees, we will better understand the health of our urban forestry, and use that information to manage it more effectively. We are recruiting residents, school groups, faith groups, and community-based organizations to complete specialized training to help inventory street trees their neighborhood.

To learn more, contact Gunnar Wainwright at or 973-297-0315.

For Volunteers

If you have recently volunteered for any Office of Sustainability project, please complete our Volunteer Exit Form.

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