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Rain Barrel

Rain Barrel

Rain barrels are placed under the downspout connected to the roof gutter to collect rainwater which can be used to water plants, wash cars, or stored for emergency use. By installing a rain barrel, residents will help to reduce flooding and pollution in local streams, rivers, and lakes.We are recruiting property owners interested in receiving a free rain barrel as well as volunteers interested in specialized training to help install rain barrels in businesses and homes in their neighborhood. Scroll down to sign up and for more information!

To learn more about how the City of Newark is working together with community partners to promote green stormwater infrastructure practices, check out this mini documentary film:



Fill out the Rain Barrel Participation Form by clicking here

This form will allow you to tell us more about your downspout connection. We will also ask that you spend a few minutes reviewing sample rain barrel installation videos and pre-selecting the best equipment options for your building's downspout. You will also be asked to indicate your availability for the rain barrel installation.

The Rain Barrel Project is made possible with the generous support of Cities of Service and the Walmart Foundation. For more information about how to get involved in the Newark Prepared Together Program, check out the full Projects List here.

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