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Newark People's Assembly


Bridging the gap between the Community and City Hall.  Decision-making based on the wants and needs of the community.  

The "community" has a voice and the Mayor wants it to be heard.  This will enable Newark's decision makers to consider the opinion of the stakeholders when considering and/or deciding programs, projects, initiatives, and development that may impact their lives.


"The Community"- stakeholders- individuals or groups who live, work, play, study, visit, or invest in the City of Newark.


  1. Get residents involved.  Encouraging individuals to participate in organizations.
  2. Communicate efficiently, effectively, and regularly w/ the community about the happenings in the City (to improve the quality of life).
  3. Share information from all city departments and agencies within the City of Newark (that affect the residents directly).
  4. Being proactive in our approach of information sharing.
  5. Organizing organizations to be effective within the community (ie. Block/Neighborhood Associations, Community Based Organizations, etc.)

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