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Horseback Riding

Take a scenic ride on our trailways with your horse, enjoying the views of water streams, ponds, flowers and wildlife indigenous to the. Those who wish to ride their horses on the City of Newark’s Watershed property, must obtain a valid Horseback Riding Permit. Permits can be purchased by visiting the following locations:

Newark Division of Watershed

West Milford, New Jersey 07840
(973) 697-1724 or (973) 697-1758
Hours: Monday- Friday 8:00am-4:00pm (from March to October Saturday 8:00am- 1:30pm)


Department of Recreation, Cultural Affairs & Senior Services- Director’s Office

920 Broad Street Room 216
Newark, New Jersey 07102
(973) 733-5373 or
(973) 733-5378

Hours: Monday- Friday

*We offer 15%/$5 off all permits for disabled veterans; (VA card must list disability status)

Permit Fees:
(Allowed in designated areas and specific times of days of the week year-round)*
Newark Residents Annually:       $39.50          Non-Newark Residents:   $39.50


January 1st- April 22nd- Riding is permitted on all approved Watershed Riding Trails on all days.

April 23rd-May 25th- Riding is permitted on all approved Watershed Riding Trails after 1:00pm on all weekdays                                        and Saturdays so as to avoid conflict with the Wild Turkey Hunting Season.

May 26th-September 30th- Riding is permitted on all approved Watershed Hiking Trails on all days.

October 1st- December 31st-Riding is permitted on all approved Watershed Hiking Trails on Sundays, so as to                                                  avoid conflict with hunters.

Year-Round-Riding is permitted in the Hanks pond Conservatory area bounded by Van Orden,Clinton, Union                        Valley and Stephens Roads (except for Cedar Pond and its northern bog) on all days of the week.

Vehicle parking is permitted only in designated Watershed parking areas and at the head of most trails. If these areas are full, please park on the road shoulder, well off the road.

                                                                     Rules & Regulations

1.   Horseback riding is restricted to those marked trials indicated on the accompanying map. While the City does       admit that many formal trails do exist, only those trails indicated on the map are approved for use.

2.   Riders must carry their permit while riding and should conspicuously display the City decal on their vehicle,       inside the left rear window in the lower right hand corner. Riding is prohibited on or through those areas       posted or designated as restricted.

3.   No fires, swimming, littering, unleashed pets, sunbathing, picnicking, all-terrain vehicles or camping is      permitted on Watershed property.

4.   Access is specifically DENIED to or along Clinton Falls, Clinton Furnaces or to Cross Castle.

5.   Access is specifically DENIED to or along the marked trail adjacent to Echo Lake and the marked trail adjacent       to the west side of Clinton reservoir (Clinton West) and Buck-a-Bear Pond (BWC).

6.   Horseback riding is permitted from sunrise to sunset.


                                                                     Trail Descriptions

BWC-Major N-S trail starts at 0.4 miles as a left off Old Coal Road. Heading Southtrail crosses Mossman’s Brook three times. Trail travels South through Laurel Patch and grassy slopes to old pipe line. From here you can turn around or travel East to Clinton Road at P4.

FTW-Starts at P2 and is a 1.9 mile trail with rick ridges on right then climb to ridge with good view of Cedar Pond and the valley below.

FTR-Starts 0.4 North of P1 off Clinton Road and runs North 2 miles to Bearfort Fire Tower. First mile follows an Old Woods Road then runs on top of interesting rock range with open views of mountain slopes.

HW-Starts on West side of Hank’s Pond. This mostly leveled trail follows an old woods road past Hanks Pond 2.5 miles North to junction with Stephens Road.

HE-Starts at P1 then North 1.6 miles on and Old Wood Road going North past Hank’s Pond. This mostly leveled trail follows an Old Woods Road past Hank’s Pond 2.6miles North to junction with Stephens Road.

TB-Starts at P4, travels East to West to meet with FTW trail. Trail crosses several small ridges and two brooks (Cedar and Clinton), both on log bridges.

CW- From P9, 1.6 miles North to junction with BWC. Perfect for family walks with nice views of reservoir and Clinton point, originally built by the CCC in the 1930’s.

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