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Food Handler's Permit

The City of Newark now requires a Food Handlers Permit for any public food distribution to the homeless. Volunteers must be certified in food safety by completing a food handlers course from the following:

City of Newark Department of Health
94 Williams Street
(973) 733-3734

National Registry of Food Safety Professionals

Educational Foundation NRA (ServSafe)

Thompson Prometric

The certificate must be renewed every three years


Who should take the training to be certified?

Any individual(s) responsible for distributing food to the public and who may insure the use of

proper food handling techniques.

What topics are covered in the training? (bold)

The City of Newark Food and Drug Bureau training covers the causes & prevention of food

poisoning, time & temperature controls, cross contamination, cleaning & sanitizing and pest


Is there a fee to obtain a Food Handler's Permit?

Yes, Unless you have a current certificate from one of the approved organizations (see list *here

(have the word here be linked to this site:*),

you must submit a payment of $10.00 and attend our Food Handler's course.

When is training held?

Food handling courses are held monthly. Call (973) 733-4311 for information on the dates.

What languages are the courses available in?

The Bureau provides courses in English, Spanish, Mandarin, Chinese, French, Creole and


For more information on the Food Handler's Course or the permit, call (973) 733-4311

Estimated Time to Complete:
Supplements Required:
Costs Associated: