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Boating & Fishing

You can go row boating or fishing in any of the four reservoirs; Echo Lake, Clinton, Canistear and Oak Ridge Reservoirs. The Watershed Permits Office issues both NJ’s State’s boating and fishing and hunting licenses along with the permits required to hunt and fish on its land.Fishing hours are one-half hour before sunrise to one-half hour after sunset.

*Stream Fishing requires a separate daily permit and can be issued up to one week in advance.

Reservoir openings and closings are subject to: water levels, ice conditions and the NJ State’s fishing season and construction schedules. Access to the Watershed’s resources for fishing and boating activities are controlled through a NJ State license and permit program. Opening season dates are subject to change and the City’s Division of Watershed Development reserves this right.

*We offer 15%/$5 off all permits for disabled veterans; (VA card must list disability status)


Permit Fees: (Allowed on designated reservoirs and sold with a fishing permit only)*

Newark Residents:                            $20.00          Non-Newark Residents:              $35.00

Daily:                                                  $13.00           Daily:                                             $13.00

                            RULES & REGULATIONS                    

1.     All row boats must be a minimum of 10 feet in length and meet the New Jersey State safety requirements.

2.     Gasoline motors are prohibited.Electric motors are permitted provided the battery is in a plastic, waterproof        case.

3.     Canoes, sailboats, inflatables,kayaks, or porta-boats of any description are not allowed.

4.     Launching sites are available at the Echo Lake, Clinton, Canister and Oak Ridge Reservoirs.

5.     All persons in the boat must wear life preservers/personal protection equipment.

6.     All persons in the boat are to remain seated in the boat at all times.

7.     Bathing or jumping into the water from a boat is prohibited.

8.     Permit holders are responsible for conforming to the specified limits of occupants and weight load of the boat.

Season: Boast launching will be permitted only during the City of Newark, New Jersey’s fishing season and may be suspended at the discretion of the City of Newark.
Vehicle and trailer parking is permitted only on designated Parking areas are full, please park on shoulder, well off the roadway.

“The Newark Watershed DOES NOT allow the use of kayaks or inflatables. When purchasing a boating permit, your boat is expected to be a minimum, a 10 ft john boat with an electric motor.”


Permit Fees: (Boasting and/or stream permits are allowed on designated reservoirs)*

Newark Residents :            $19.00          Non-Newark Residents:               $30.00

Newark Family :                $20.00          Non-Newark Family:                    $35.00

Newark Seniors:               $13.00            Non-Newark Seniors:                    $19.00

Daily Fishing:                   $13.00            Daily Fishing:                                  $13.00

Daily Stream Fishing:     $7.00

                            RULES & REGULATIONS

1.     All persons fishing in the Newark Pequannock Watershed must have both a valid NJ State Fishing License and        a City of Newark fishing permit. Permits are not transferable or refundable.

2.     All the laws (when applicable) as set forth in the most recent summary of the New Jersey Fishing Laws must be        observed at all times.

3.     All fishermen must be 18 years of age. Family permits are available for husband, wife and single children        through age 17 who live in the same home.

4.     Fishermen must carry their permit while fishing and should conspicuously display the City of Newark decal        on their vehicle’s inside left rear window in the lower right hand corner.

5.     Fishing and/or boating is not permitted in the Watershed streams, on Charlotteburg Reservoir, Hanks         Pond, Cedar Pond or in Buckabear  Pond. However, the stretch of the Pequannock River from the Oak Ridge        Road Bridge downstream to the Railroad Bridge, immediately upstream of Charlotteburg Reservoir, will open        to limited fishing on a daily basis only.

                          The NO FISHING policy at Charlotteburg Reservoir remains in effect.

6.     In the event of “drought” conditions and or repairs, reservoirs will be open or closed according to water levels.

7.     No fires, swimming, littering or unleashed pets are permitted while fishing.

8.    Vehicles are allowed only on designated parking areas and on the roads indicated on the accompanying               map. Vehicles are not permitted to enter the exposed lake beds. Violators will be ticketed and/or towed.

9.     Shore fishing is prohibited at dams and spillways and at the Echo Lake beach area while the Watershed Day        Camp is in session or other City events.

Season: The City of Newark fishing and boating season for the Echo Lake, Oak Ridge, Clinton and Canistear Reservoirs traditionally opens in early to mid-April and is normally in consistent with the NJ State Division of Fish and Wildlife’s opening day. The end of the season (subject to water levels) is November 30th.


The Watershed instituted a stocking program in November of 1984. The stocking program is currently limited to the Echo Lake, Clinton and Canistear Reservoirs. In cooperation with the New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife’s Bureau of Freshwater Fisheries and Muskies, Inc., the Watershed stocks a small number of true strain Muskellunge (muskies) into the Echo Lake Reservoir. The introduction of the Muskellunge created a trophy class fishery without adversely affecting the existing fish population in the reservoir.Approximately, 1,000 muskellunge, 3,680 brown and rainbow trout and 3,500 walleyes are stocked in these reservoirs annually.

                               ~Native Species~

The Watershed supports both warm water species such as bass and sunfish and cold water species such as trout and muskellunge.
ECHO LAKE RESERVOIR- 300 acres; PH6.4; maximum depth 32 feet) Sunfish, chain pickerel, yellow perch, large                                                 mouth bass, black crappies
CLINTON RESERVOIR- 423 acres; PH6.6; maximum depth 42 feet) Sunfish, yellow perch, catfish, small mouth and                                           large mouth bass, chain pickerel, brown and rainbow trout
OAK RIDGE RESERVOIR- 482 acres; PH7.4; maximum depth 56 feet) Small mouth and large mouth bass, chain                                               pickerel,yellow perch and sunfish
CANISTEAR RESERVOIR- 350 acres; PH7.4; maximum depth 42 feet) Small mouth and large mouth bass, sunfish,                                               yellow perch and walleyes

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