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Animal Control Bureau

The mission of the Animal Control Bureau is to provide pick up of stray, sick, injured or unwanted domestic animals and wildlife throughout the City and investigate complaints as a customer service in order to minimize animal related injuries.                             

Pick up Service: The Bureau receives calls via telephone for stray cats and dogs, sick cats and dogs, stray wildlife animals, dead animals and citizens that are surrendering/releasing their animal(s).

Patrol Service: The Bureau patrols sites where sightings of stray cats and dogs are reported in an area particularly in parks.

Preventive Health Education: The Bureau distributes health educational literature as the need may require at each Location; literature is also distributed to Community Based Organizations (CBO’s) and at individual properties on a square-block basis citywide.

Summonses: The Bureau issues summonses for violators of the  Ordinance Title VI, Animals and Fowl

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