April 27, 2018

Newark's Water is Absolutely Safe to Drink

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An organization has made absolutely and outrageously false statements about Newark's water. The truth is that the water supplied by the City is safe to drink. Our water fully complies with federal and state regulations. 
The City’s water is NOT contaminated with lead. The only high lead readings were taken inside some 1 and 2 family homes built before 1986 that have lead pipes leading from the city's pure water into those homes. The City is helping those homeowners to replace their pipes. Apartment houses have never had lead service lines.
Our water is safe. In fact Newark has some of the best water in the State of New Jersey, and Newark's water mains do not contain lead. We will keep you informed every step of the way. Again, Newark’s water meets all federal and state standards, and this issue is confined to a limited number of homes with lead service lines.
No responsible organization or environmental agency has said that Newark residents should avoid our water and instead drink bottled water.
If you suspect that your home has a lead service line, contact the Department of Water & Sewer Utilities by phone at (973) 733-4311 or by email at We can test your water for lead at no charge and also determine if your service line does contain lead.