Job opening

Senior Payroll Clerk (Temp Services)

POSITION TITLE: Senior Payroll Clerk (Temp Services)

SALARY RANGE: $32,189.05 - $41,502.10 (35 hrs/weekly)

DEPARTMENT: Health and Community Wellness

REQUIREMENT: Applicants must be City of Newark Residents.



Under general supervision of a Supervising Payroll Clerk or other supervisor, performs the more difficult and complex clerical work relating to the review, verification, and preparation of payroll or personnel records, and/or takes the lead in a small clerical payroll unit; does other related work.


  • Reviews and checks payroll or payroll and personnel records, statements, documents, certificates, or time and attendance records.
  • Prepares regular, supplemental, and overtime payrolls; adds or deletes employees as required.
  • Makes other appropriate changes including union deductions, taxes, charities, and pension.
  • Processes pension membership applications, beneficiary changes, retirement and loan applications, as well as health insurance applications and changes.
  • Completes unemployment requests for wage and separation information.
  • Computes overtime, emergency rates, and leaves of absence requiring the interpretation and application of relevant rules and regulations concerning salary increments, bonuses and authorized deductions.
  • Receives regular and supplemental paychecks from Centralized
  • Payroll and separates by payroll and region prior to distribution.
  • Prepares and processes personnel and/or payroll forms with responsibility for ensuring that all pertinent information has been included and is accurate; ensures that all applicable rules regulations, and procedures are adhered to.
  • May keep a daily record showing employees’ arrival time to and departure from work.
  • Advises supervisor or management of relevant deadlines, changes in rules and regulations, and related information.
  • Handles special requests for information in accordance with prescribed rules and regulations.
  • Assists employees in completing and processing forms and applications relating to retirement, insurance, payroll deductions, and record changes.
  • Compiles statistical and other data.
  • Keeps current with changes in rules and regulations.
  • Prepares payroll-related letters, memoranda and reports.
  • Assists staff in the development of new and revised personnel and/or payroll policies and procedures.
  • Receives, reviews and adjusts complaints.
  • Conducts special studies when requested of certain payroll procedures and reports findings.
  • Prepares, reviews, checks, and certifies reports, applications and other documents when difficult determinations are required.
  • Assists in the maintenance and ensuring confidentiality of records and files.
  • Will be required to learn to utilize various types of electronic and/or manual recording and information systems used by the agency, office, or related units.


One (1) year of experience in work involving processing payroll, or personnel activities


  • Knowledge of the rules and regulations concerning salary increments, bonuses, and authorized deductions.
  • Knowledge of the common book of accounts and of the procedures used in keeping financial records and checking financial documents.
  • Ability to read, comprehend and interpret rules and regulations and apply them to specific situations.
  • Ability to accurately prepare detailed, technical and confidential payroll forms and documents.
  • Ability to organize clerical work and develop effective work methods.
  • Ability to do arithmetic calculations quickly and accurately.
  • Ability to use various office machines.
  • Ability to keep confidential records and files.
  • Ability to utilize various types of electronic and/or manual recording and information systems used by the agency, office, or related units.