Job opening

Program Monitor (Vaccine Coordinator)

POSITION TITLE: Program Monitor (Vaccine Coordinator)

DEPARTMENT: Health and Community Wellness

SALARY: $49,083.87 (35 Hours per week)

OPENING DATE: February 10, 2023

REQUIREMENT: Applicants must be City of Newark Residents.


Alexandria Massey, Chief Operations Officer

Christine Laureano, Medical Records Supervisor

Sandra Williams, Personnel Services Manager


The Mary Eliza Mahoney Health Center is one of 25 Federally Qualified Health Centers in the state of NJ. Our mission is to provide primary and preventive care to patients regardless of their ability to pay, race, and ethnicity, MEMHC has been able to expand its services to our patients in specialties such as Pediatrics, Mental Health Substance Abuse, OB/GYN, Internal Medicine, Infectious Disease, as well as Dental care. By joining and being a member of our team, you will be able to provide quality care as well as work in a great environment.


The fundamental reason this classification is to facilitate the daily management and inventory for MEMHC’s vaccine program. The Program monitor will receive private and public vaccine shipments from various sources. The monitor will ensure that vaccines received have been maintained at the appropriate temperatures and reconcile the shipment with the order to ensure appropriate reconciliation. The Program Monitor must also ensure that vaccines are stored and maintained at the appropriate temperatures as per manufacturer’s instructions. The monitor checks all vaccine refrigerators and freezers twice daily to monitor for any temperature excursions. This person is also responsible for remote monitoring of vaccines, receive, communicate and act on after-hours excursions. The monitor will maintain an accurate vaccine inventory, rotating vaccines on a first in, first out (FIFO) schedule to prevent spoilage and waste. Additionally, they will access NJIIS to input and update all patient’s vaccine records and import the patient’s immunization history as needed. Prepares and collects all necessary documentation, updates all patient information to facilitate payment from the various insurance carriers, and maintains patients’ confidentiality in regards to HIPAA and other federal, state and local regulations as stated in MEMHC policies and procedure manual Moreover, the monitor will collaborate with clinical staff to track and trend vaccine usage to maintain appropriate amounts of vaccines in the health center at all times. The individual must support vaccine transportation and remove expired or compromised vaccines from the storage unit as necessary, returning them to the state if warranted. Finally the monitor will serve as a support in immunization audits, and serve as a back-up to other program monitors within the health center.

As a Program Monitor - Vaccines you will be responsible for performing the following duties:

  • Monitor and manage daily vaccine inventory for public and private stock
  • Monitor vaccine storage temperatures twice daily in the health center and remotely
  • Timely reports of temperature excursions
  • Monthly upload of storage unit data
  • Knowledge and application of 317 and VFC programs
  • Prevent vaccine waste using FIFO
  • Update patient vaccine records daily in NJIIS
  • Download patient immunization history from NJIIS for reconciliation as needed
  • Reconcile vaccine orders with shipment to ensure that all items are accounted for
  • Maintain cold chain storage for all vaccine shipments
  • Trend vaccine usage to maintain appropriate levels in the health center
  • Input correct data into the ancillary electronic medical record
  • Other duties as assigned
  • Participate in vaccine audits as needed
  • Serve to cross cover other Program Monitors as necessary

General Requirements

  • Demonstrate ability to adapt to changes regularly
  • Detail oriented
  • Ability to follow instructions, given either orally or in writing
  • Ability to work with little or no supervision
  • Demonstrate effective follow through with all tasks
  • Attends work regularly and punctually; is readily accessible during work hours to peer; limits absence from own duty stations and limits visits and activities which distract others from their performance of duties
  • Remains competent in skills required for position
  • Works cooperatively with immediate supervisor, with department members, and with other departments
  • Continuous quality improvement
  • Treats all patients/clients and visitors with respect
  • Knows Patient rights and responsibilities

Training and Experience

  • Minimum of one (1) or more years of experience in a customer service/data entry oriented role; previous clinical office experience a plus


  • Appointees must possess a driver’s license valid in New Jersey