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Newark Data Officer


The City of Newark’s Data Officer (DO) will further advance Mayor Baraka’s Newark Forward agenda in creating a more empowered, safer, educated, collaborative and equitable city.  The City of Newark’s Data Officer (DO) will be responsible for managing all aspects of the city’s data efforts including leading Newark’s strategic use of data to improve operational efficiency and support excellent,data-driven public service delivery. In addition, the DO will oversee the city’s open data platform, the Mayor’s Data Dashboard,and will work to standardize the city’s data policies across city departments and make data more user-friendly and accessible to city staff and the public.



  • Collaborate with senior management from city departments to deliver data science projects that provide improvements to city efficiency, improve the quality of life, and provide data-driven city services
  • Support cross-departmental initiatives to improve key performance indicators, offering suggestions as to how information can be used more effectively to track and improve business performance
  • Manage efforts to deliver data as a ‘product’ for departments through BI and analytic capabilities for the City, including SAP Business Objects, Power BI, and Tableau
  • Manage the City of Newark Open Data Portal and the Mayor’s Data Dashboard to ensure data remains up-to-date, new data are added to the portal and are, accurate, available, and accessible.
  • Collaborate and/or advise external parties – i.e., organizations, civic data groups, and residents –around projects that further the city’s data goals or promote open data use
  • Promote a data culture by hosting convenings/trainings with relevant city staff and hosting “office hours” to provide guidance and feedback on data projects




  • A bachelor's or master's degree in data science,computer science, information science, mathematics, economics, or relatedfield, or equivalent work experience. Academic qualification or professional training and experience in legal and regulatory areas are also desirable.

Knowledge, Skills and Experience

  • 5+ years of relevant experience leading data science, data engineering or technical teams
  •  Proven data literacy— the ability to describe business use cases/outcomes, data sources and management concepts, and analytical approaches/options. The ability to translate among the languages used by executive, business, IT and quant stakeholders.
  • Data strategy experience; experience in strategic technology planning and execution, and policy development and maintenance
  • Analytical skills: outstanding analytical and problem-solving abilities
  • Familiarity with federal, state, or local government operations and a strong commitment to public service


  • Business Administrator
  • Salary commensurate with experience

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