Job opening

Dentist (Full-Time)

POSITION TITLE: Dentist (Full-Time)

SALARY RANGE: $101,797.83 - $135,270.50 (35 hrs/weekly)

DEPARTMENT: Health and Community Wellness

REQUIREMENT: Applicants must be City of Newark Residents.



Under direction of the Department Director and Medical Director, provides dental care to patients in accordance with accepted standards and Administrative Policies; does related work as required,


Provides dental care to patients in accordance with accepted standards and administrative policies; gives instructions to adult and child patients in the habits essential to dental health; gives treatments relating to oral hygiene; requisitions supplies and equipment; consults with heads of other patient-care services in planning treatment to be used for cooperative case problems; participates with members of other departments in planning joint administrative and technical programs, and recommending methods and procedures for coordination of dental services with related services, such as medical, surgical, and nursing; determines nature of dental or oral disease, condition, deficiency, malformation or disability; locates and fills cavities in teeth; extracts impacted, dead, abscessed, or badly decayed teeth; advises patients relative to Dental health practices; may serve as dental consultant in cooperative public health planning, and may address dental, public health, medical, educational, or other scientific meetings and conferences; supervises the maintenance of records and files.


Possession of a valid license to practice dentistry in the State of New Jersey


  1. Thorough knowledge of the modern principles of dentistry and dental practices.
  2. Ability to apply the principles, techniques and accepted procedures of dentistry in the treatment of patients.
  3. Good health and freedom from disabling physical and mental defects which would impair the proper performance of the required duties or which might end