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Under direction, supervises a unit involved in productivity functions pertaining to a housing development/redevelopment program, such as the creation of new housing or rehabilitation of existing structures; does related work as required.

NOTE: The examples of work for this title are for illustrative purposes only. A particular position using this title may not perform all duties listed in this job specification. Conversely, all duties performed on the job may not be listed.


  • Develops and coordinates new housing development/redevelopment by reviewing the availability of land in coordination with architects, planners, city officials, and other interested parties.
  • Develops a comprehensive housing plan to establish and foster housing development programs and strategies to meet a jurisdiction's affordable and mixed housing needs; assists in sustaining the housing needs of existing property owners.
  • Reviews and evaluates housing development proposals to determine their feasibility in terms of project viability, community development goals and objectives, the jurisdiction's housing policies and goals and federal and state regulations, guidelines, and requirements.
  • Negotiates terms and conditions of agreements and contracts for housing projects so that developers comply with the jurisdiction's land use plans and with local, state and federal regulations and program guidelines.
  • Directs and supervises the preparation and maintenance of housing surveys, mappings, reports, statistical compilations requests for proposals and other housing related reports. Gathers and analyzes demographic data as to the market needs  (e.g., average number of rooms in an apartment a family needs)  and the possible impact of new hosing in a certain location.
  • Reviews sociological and related issues that may be effected by housing construction in the area such as: the location of a school and fire department, water supply, shopping facilities, flooding programs and crime rate, and arranges meetings with interested parties to explore problems areas.
  • Drafts a proposed plan that includes demographic studies, site plans, mayoral or governing body approvals.
  • Interacts with technical staff.
  • Submits necessary applications to appropriate agencies.
  • Seeks underwriters for the issuance of tax exempt bonds, analyzes their proposals, provides recommendations to superiors based on the analysis and works with underwriters after selection.
  • Coordinates the redevelopment process with counsel, architects, public utilities, municipal, state and federal representatives.
  • Directs the applications and financing procedures under the bonds and tandem procedures.
  • Implement production schedules such as: dates for breaking the ground; setting the foundation; setting up the frame; and makes certain that schedules are met within the prescribed target dates.
  • Monitors, reviews, evaluates, and determines the progress of productivity for said plan of development/redevelopment and may alter plans as necessary.
  • Conducts field inspections and reviews of development when necessary and confers with other to determine the current status of plans and activities.
  • Provides supervision and coordination in the area of housing redevelopment procedures to personnel involved in a plan of redevelopment.
  • Responsible for the production and quality compliance of all functions and operations of housing development /redevelopment.
  • Recommends the sale of land when and where it is appropriate.
  • Supervises the maintenance of suitable records and files.
  • Will be required to learn to utilize various types of electronic and/or manual recording and information systems used by the agency, office, or related units.



Graduation from an accredited college or university with a Bachelor's Degree.

NOTE: Applicants who do not meet the above educational requirement may substitute additional work experience as described below on a year for year basis.


Three (3) years of experience in large scale land acquisition and real estate or community development activities, two (2) of which shall have been in a supervisory capacity.


Appointees will be required to possess a driver's license valid in NJ only if the operation of a vehicle, rather than employee mobility, is necessary to perform essential duties of the position.


  • Knowledge of procedures for organizing and administering a comprehensive community redevelopment program.
  • Knowledge of technical aspects of land acquisition, property financing procedures and community rehabilitation activities.
  • Knowledge of federal, state and local regulations, procedures, policies and guidelines pertaining to a comprehensive community redevelopment program.
  • Ability to plan, organize and administer a vast housing redevelopment program.
  • Ability to provide assignment and instructions to staff and supervise their work.
  • Ability to establish and maintain cooperative relationships with other interested and concerned agencies and individuals.
  • Ability to prepare reports.
  • Ability to direct the establishment and maintenance of records and files.
  • Ability to prepare development standards for redevelopment sites.
  • Ability to negotiate with developers.
  • Ability to prepare housing and redevelopment contracts and specifications and other relevant documents.
  • Ability to utilize various types of electronic and/or manual recording and information systems used by the agency, office, or related units.
  • Ability to read, write, speak, understand, and communicate in English sufficiently to perform duties of this position. American Sign Language or Braille may also be considered as acceptable forms of communication.

Persons with mental or physical disabilities are eligible as long as they can perform essential functions of the job after reasonable accommodation is made to their known limitations. If the accommodation cannot be made because it would cause the employer undue hardship, such persons may not be eligible.

Please send resumes to Allison Ladd, Deputy Mayor/Director at